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Bring Back Those Sunny Healy Days



To Matt Janney, president and general manager, Mt. Bachelor:

Hey man, remember those good old Healy days of summer? Yeah, those days when the mountain would stay open for all us snow lovers almost as long as the snow lasted? Dude, you were there and loving it all too! What happened, man? What happened to all those sunny summer mornings cruising down the hill under a hot summer sun? What happened to Bill's mountain, what happened to skiing thru July 4? What is up with May 18? That closing is so lame, man!

Hey Matt, this might sound crazy: With the tremendous dump of snow the mountain got this season, let's all revive those great nostalgic days of past years and a hold a BIG summer season party to celebrate our great ski year, commemorate Bill Healy's mountain, and let's all enjoy some great summer snow riding.

Here is the plan: Only stay open only for the weekends and holidays, get some live bands and hold a ski and music festival combination. Create a celebratory, fun atmosphere, theme party, something, anything. Just don't waste all that great snow that we all prayed for in November!

It is a supply and demand thing, man; nature supplied the snow, you supply the party and create a BIG demand for a unique and novel product of summer skiing. Promote your greatest attribute (super-long snow seasons) and outdoor fun on a great mountain!

But here is the deal, Matt: Keep it affordable to keep that demand thing going strong. Sell tickets for morning riding and afternoon music, and by staying "reasonably priced" you might be able to sell a bunch of your over-priced burgers and expensive brews!

Matt, I know we all are older and supposedly wiser, but we have sadly lost many of our youthful ideals. Back in Healy's time the ideal of snow depth being more important than some corporate bottom line really was a novel idea, and so purely simple and justly worth finding again.

Duane Wyman, Sunriver

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