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Broken Top In The News


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For those of you who do not wait by your mailbox or stalk newsstands for all things male and macho in the magazine world, you probably missed this nice shout out to our very own, often overlooked, treasure - Broken Top. It will probably come as a shock that there are publications out there who still are aware that not everyone is hunkered down quaffing as much microbrew as possible in this town but Men's Journal found Bend native Eli Odegaard, 23, doing a spring paddle and published a killer photo in the latest issue. Give it up for Eli who managed NOT to talk about which brewery he went to after his adventure and which seasonal he sucked down and what subtle aroma was present in those first heady moments of his consumption. Perhaps it was just good editing but Eli is my hero of the day. Be like Eli - and don't forget your waterproof booties.


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