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Bulletin Should Stop Attacking Flaherty

Letter to the editor: The Bulletin should stop it's attack on Flaherty.



The integrity of John Costa should be questioned, not our new district attorney.

I can tell you from first-hand experience as a candidate last summer that Costa uses his paper to protect his personal and political interests, and to slander those who do not represent them. Yellow journalism is alive and well at the Bend Bulletin.

We have seen the unfair treatment that he and his edit staff have given Mr.Flaherty and how some writers tend to create a story rather than to report one.

John Costa and Nick Grube write opinion under the guise of factual reporting with the seeming intent to mislead and to misrepresent and they should never be trusted. We have years of written history by these purveyors of untruths and purposeful omission.

Patrick Flaherty has proven a different standard, and has yet to prove otherwise. His critics, with a long history deceit and transparent partisan motive, continue to talk their talk, and perform diligently as political tools.

We who seek justice, not politics, give Costa and Grube The Boot!

- Ron Boozell, Bend

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