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Bulletin's Board Did a Disservice to Wyden and Readers


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What's up with the Bend Bulletin? They write an incomprehensible editorial about why we shouldn't vote for Ron Wyden and then cut off all letters to the editor so no one can respond.

Apparently, the editors at The Bulletin don't want to hear from readers about how out of step they are with the residents of Central Oregon. Do they really think that by bashing Ron Wyden we're going to blindly vote for his opponent, who, by the way, The Bulletin didn't have the courage to openly endorse. All the editors said was "don't vote for Wyden." I guess we're lucky Wyden isn't running against the family cat.

Wyden is a great advocate for Central Oregon and a near-constant presence in counties east of the mountains. He's a hard-working guy with a lot of integrity and thoughtfulness, and he walks the walk on bipartisanship because he knows, and we all know, that you don't get much done in the senate without working with the other side.

If congress had gone his way on the war in Iraq and the bank bailout, imagine how much better off we would be today.

His opponent has nothing to offer except the usual Tea Party drivel that's all complaints and no solutions. I'm voting for Ron Wyden. I encourage all Central Oregonians to do the same.

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