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Buses Should Run On Sunday


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Many times I have compared my advocating enhancements of Bend's public transportation to that of eating soup with a fork.

BAT's fixed routes started out with unworkable schedules. It was not until nine months after my lone voice pointed out that fact before workable schedules were adopted. Not nine days. Not nine weeks. But nine months, three quarters of a year.

2010 has been proclaimed THE YEAR OF THE VOLUNTEER. But so far, my lone voice of advocating has not resulted in Sunday being recognized as important enough for fixed-route public transit.

For many volunteer activities, Sunday is the very most important day of the week for givers, as well as receivers of volunteer services.

Despite BAT's frozen budget, I have proposed a feasible way for fixed-route public transit on Sundays - WITH NO EXTRA FUNDING! Sincerely,

-Earl Williams

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