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Little Bites: Can You Find Us Now?

Old Mill Brew Wërks moves!



The knock against Old Mill Brew Wërks has always been its abysmal location; it was like finding the witch in the wardrobe. Tucked on the bottom floor of a multistory office complex on the fringes of the Old Mill shopping area, the little pub was hard to find even if one went looking for it. Drop-ins were nonexistent.

All that changes now.

Brew Wërks has moved (hallelujah! part the heavens, cue angels). Starting Wednesday, May 15, it is open for business in the former Brickhouse spot on Industrial Way, overlooking the Deschutes River—a central and picturesque location.

"We're excited to have a lot of the folks in Bend who've heard of us, actually find us," noted Brew Wërks co-owner Nate Chambers.

Aside from moving into a building beer drinkers can actually find, the new location comes with a sunny bonus—a 40-seat patio overlooking the river. From the partially shaded back deck, patrons can sip suds while watching floaters flail on inflatable pool toys (so much better than YouTube or reality TV). This should also be a good spot for those unwilling to pay for Les Schwab shows but interested in eavesdropping on the music.

The interior, with its plush booths and high ceiling, appears mostly unchanged from its previous tenant, save for an obvious long bench seat to encourage a more casual atmosphere. The much-increased kitchen area should allow Chef Rudy Garcia to create the gourmet meals he's been craving.

Old Mill Brew Wërks

803 SW Industrial Way

Opening day: 11 am Wednesday, May 15

Open daily: 11 am - 10pm

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