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Cascade Volcano Ski Tour - Seven Volcanoes in Nine Days


Some people take vacations to go relax on a beach, perhaps even a resort, as a way to check out from daily life and just be—do nothing or maybe even indulge in things they might otherwise forego. Others prefer to spend their time away actively, perhaps doing more of the things they normally only get to do occasionally, on the weekends—bike, hike, backpack, ski or explore a state or national park. Even fewer still take time off work to blend travel and active pursuits—to race international marathons or triathlons, to go on yoga retreats, or to rock climb or surf at world renowned destinations. I definitely fall in the latter group. That's why I'll be spending the next nine days cramming in as much adventure into my life as I can handle. For me, the best place to find adventure is in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. 

My partner and I will be driving south on Friday, April 10, camping at the trailhead of the Cascade Range's southernmost volcanic peak—Lassen Peak (if the road is open)—and then climbing, summiting (weather permitting) and skiing Lassen Peak on Saturday. From there, we'll move north to Mt. Shasta, a 14,000 foot peak, and we'll spend two days climbing and skiing the mountain, spending one night camping on the mountain at 10,000 feet. Our plan is to stop at the the Billy Goat Tavern in Shasta City for a well-earned burger before making the drive up to Mt. McLoughlin in Southern Oregon. We'll climb and ski McLoughlin and then continue north to Mt. Bailey and Mt. Thielsen. We'll skip the Central Oregon peaks and round out the week climbing and skiing Mt. Adams and then Mt. St. Helens. 

We do have one rest day built in—it will be the day we drive from Thielsen to Adams. This will also be the day to restock any supplies or food that we may need. Of course, our itinerary and successful peak bagging is entirely dependent on things like cooperative weather and maintaining physically healthy and mentally energized. The mountains can be fickle, especially in the spring, so we'll work with what the conditions of each day present. With any luck, we'll get some incredible views of the Pacific Northwest, lots of adventure, great skiing, and we'll come home with tired bodies and rejuvenated hearts. 

Check back with The Source Weekly for a post-trip recap and follow @sourceweekly and @allimmmiles on Instagram for periodic trip updates. 

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