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CD Review - Kim Kelley: Bending Blue


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Smooth, Deep and Local

Kim Kelley

Bending Blue

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Odds are over the years you've heard the velvety vocals of long-time Bend resident Kim Kelley. She started out as the lead singer and banjo player in bluegrass band Mean Willy. Maybe you caught her in the folk/fusion band Goober. Most recently, Kelley's gone solo and has been performing around town with other local musicians like Deb Yager.

Kelley's been warming up for the release of her debut solo disc Bending Blue, a soulful, folksy album featuring striking vocals and irresistibly smooth rhythms. The music behind the personal lyrics is strong with percussion on many of the songs blending with the folk melodies to create memorable beats like on "Into Your Blue," "Earth" and "Together."

Most often, Kelley's lyrics are simple yet satisfying. She doesn't turn you in circles trying to figure out what she wants to say - she's honest and direct. Kelley is a talented songwriter whose words are heartfelt and personal. "Sweep," which Kelley wrote with her mother, Patti Burt, tells the story of a woman hoping to be swept off her feet. On the relatable, self-analyzing "Not Myself", Kelley sings, "I am not well, I am not sane. I am not myself these days. I scream at the moon, laugh at the rain."

Kelley and her band are celebrating the release of the record with a show at Silver Moon Brewing Co, on Friday, May 29 at 8pm, so check it out for a chance to see the album come to life before your very eyes.

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