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Celebrate 10 Years of 2nd Street and Get Distracted at CTC

Curtain Call peeks behind the curtain to see what's coming up in Bend's theater scene.


"We're Still Here"

The 2nd Street Theater is letting the creative community in Central Oregon know that it's still very much around with its 10th anniversary party on Friday and Saturday nights, April 29 and 30, aptly dubbed "We're Still Here." The theater has gone through some changes over the past couple of years, including the dissolution of its in-house production company, but that isn't to say the midtown-area playhouse has gone quiet. In fact, the 2nd Street continues to host innovative theatrical presentations, including the Halloween run of Evil Dead: The Musical and the plays of local writer Cricket Daniel.

The theater, still owned by the always-smiling Maralyn Thoma, will revive some fan-favorite performances from its past decade in business. There will be a few short play performances, including Time Flies, and you can also enjoy revisited musical numbers from plays like Menopause: The Musical, The Taffetas, and Evil Dead. Tickets are $25 for each performance (which includes a champagne reception) and are available at 2ndstreetheater.com.


Things are hopping over at Cascades Theatrical Company where a local cast is preparing to debut its latest production, Distracted, on Friday, April 29. The play, written by Lisa Loomer and directed by local Juliah Rae, is centered on a modern family that is trying to find a solution to their nine-year-old son's distracted behavior. The kid is prescribed Ritalin by a psychiatrist who thinks the child is suffering from ADD, but his mom goes on her own hilarious journey to find an answer. While the play focuses on the plight of a child, producers say this production is intended for mature audiences.

D's Place

One of the busier movers and shakers in the local theater community, Howard Schor, best known for his ongoing work with the Bend Experimental Art Theatre (BEAT), has written his own play, which is set to premiere at the 2nd Street in May. The play, D's Place, tells the story of a frontier brothel and the relationships working in the house of ill repute. Tickets are already on sale at 2ndstreettheater.com for the play, which opens on May 13 and is set to run through May 28 with evening performances and a 2 p.m. matinee on Sundays.

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