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Central Oregon MORNING Fire Update


Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center
4550 SW Airport Way
Prineville, OR 97754

Contact: Media Desk: 541-416-6811
Twitter: CentralORfire
Email: coidcincidentinformation@gmail.com
For more information visit: CentralORfireinfo.blogspot.com

FIRE NEWS—Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center
For Immediate Release: July 20, 2014, 10:30 a.m.

Central Oregon MORNING Fire Update
YELLOW Highlight indicates changed information since the last Update

Fire Name Location Size (ESTIMATES) Activity
Bridge 99 Complex
Deschutes National Forest Bridge 99 - ½ mile east of Lower Bridge Campground, 9 miles north of Camp Sherman off of FS Rd.

Bear Butte 2 adjacent to Jefferson Creek and west of Park Creek drainage within the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness.

7,549 acres TOTAL
20% contained

Bridge 99 Fire is 4,231 acres

Bear Butte 2 Fire is 3,318 acres

Oregon Incident Management Team 2 is managing the fire. For more information on the fire: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/3963/# or phone: 541-549-3219.

Approximately 2700 acres of the Bear Butte 2 fire are burning on the Warm Springs Reservation. Fire suppression responsibilities for the Warm Springs Reservation lands have been transferred to the Incident Command Team working on the Logging Units fire.

The Bridge 99 Fire continued active growth E and NE toward Lake Billy Chinook. Bear Butte 2 Fire continued backing to the west with a moderate rate of spread.

EVACUATIONS in place: All private lands along the Metolius River from Allen springs Campground to Lake Billy Chinook (including the Metolius Arm) are in a Level III Evacuation Order. The Three Rivers Subdivision is in a Level II Evacuation Order. The subdivisions of Rim Park, Forest Park, and Air Park along with the Cove Palisades State Park are in a Level I Evacuation Order.

CLOSURES: Forest Road 12, from its intersection with Forest Roads 1270/1298 to Bridge 99, Forest Road 14, from Bridge 99 to its intersectin with Forest Road 1400/700(Allen Springs Campground), Forest Road 1140, from its intersection with Forest Roads 1150/118 to the intersection with Forest Road 1152, Forest Road 1154, from its intersection with Forest Road 1150 to the intersection with Forest Road 1140 an Forest Road 1420400. The Jefferson Lake Trail (#40001.1), Sugarpine Ridge trail (#4002), Shirley Lake Trail (#4003), Cabot Lake Trail (#4003) and the Pacific Crest Trail north of the Shirley Lake Trail and south of the Willamette National Forest boundary in the Cathedral Rocks Area are closed.
Center Fire
Prineville BLM 3 miles NE of Post.
Private and 3,000 acres
25% contained The fire made a run to the east yesterday causing significant growth in the fire acreage.
Logging Unit Fires
Warm Springs Reservation
Mt. Hood National Forest
Deschutes National Forest North side of Bear Butte near the Bear Butte 2 fire 7,328 acres Pacific Northwest Team 2 (Incident Commander Chris Schulte) took command of the Logging Unit Fires yesterday evening. The Incident Command Post is being established off the County Line Road on Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs lands.

For more information on the web: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/3973/

The Logging Unit Fires currently include Camas Prairie, Logging Unit, Skyline, Haily and the north side of Bear Butte 2. The south side of Bear Butte 2 is being managed by the Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team 2 (Incident Commander Brett FIllis).

Yesterday firefighters made good progress with indirect tactics and handlines. Dozer lines will be constructed today in the Milk Creek and Bald Peter areas. Fire spread is expected today to be short range spotting.

EVACUATIONS: A Level 2 Notification has been issued to the residents of the Sid Walter Flat Area. Approximately 54 residences are affected by the notification. The fire is approximately 3.5 miles from the closest structure and 8 miles from the Incident Command Post on County Line Road.

CLOSURES: On the Mt. Hood National Forest, Forest Road 4220 between Forest Road 46 and Warm Springs. Closure area near Ollalie Lakes.

Pacific Crest Trail from Breitenbush Lake (Mile 2047.1) to Forest Road 42 at the Joe Graham campground (Mile 2083)

Ochoco Complex-
Ochoco National Forest Service
Prineville BLM

Oscar Canyon Fire
17 miles E of Post

Lava Fire
Near the junction of FS Road 22 and FS Road 4210, near the NW corner of Big Summit Prairie

Fox Fire
3 miles NW of the North Fork Wilderness Study area, near FS Road 4230.

Broadway Fire
S of FS Road 2630, near Peterson Lava

Antelope Fire
Located near Antelope Spring, 3 miles E of FS Road 22 along FS Road 900 2,596 acres TOTAL

234 acres
80% contained

168 acres

2,123 Acres

50 acres

21 acres Great Basin Incident Management Team 6 is now managing the fires. The incident command post is at Crook County Middle School, 100 SE Knowledge Street in Prineville.

The complex includes 4 fires (Lava, Fox, Broadway, and Antelope) on the Ochoco National Forest and the Oscar Canyon Fire burning on the Prineville BLM within the North Fork Wilderness Study area. The Oscar and Fox fires burned together today.

Firefighters were able to hold Antelope and Broadway fires and limited the increase in these fires. The Fox fire entered the North Fork of the Crooked River and merged into the Oscar Canyon Fire.

CLOSURES: The Ochoco National Forest has issued an area closure that encompasses all National Forest system lands from Forest Road 42, along both the north and south forest boundary to Highway 26 on the west, with additional acreage north of the Mill Creek Wilderness. The closure covers all campgrounds, trailheads, forest roads, and developed facilities on National Forest System lands within the closure area.

The closure order and a map of the closure is located on the web at: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/3972

Pine Creek Complex
Now includes:
Pine Creek Fire
Jack Knife Fire
Black Rock Fire
Donny Brook Fire

Sherman County
Oregon Department of Forestry
Prineville BLM
Ash Butte Rangeland Fire Protection Association
Private lands

Pine Creek Fire
11 miles south of Fossil, in the Carrol Rim Area

Jack Knife Fire
Lower John Day Recreation Area, Sherman County, 8 miles SE of Grass Valley.

Black Rock Fire
3 miles NW of Clarno; NW of the Pine Creek Fire

Donny Brook Fire
11 miles SW of Antelope

129,178 acres TOTAL

29,490 acres
15% contained

13,263 acres
80% contained

34,177 acres

22,756 acres A Type II Western Montana Team (Fry) is managing these fires and the team took over the management of the Donny Brook fire this morning.

The Pine Creek fire is working to keep the fire east and north of the John Day River and south of Highway 218 and west of Rowe Creek Road. Additional fire growth is not expected on the Jack Knife fire. The Black Rock fie held along Highway 218 and fire growth was primarily northeast.

EVACUATIONS: Wheeler County Sheriff Dept. issued Level II Evacuation Orders for scattered homes in the Brush Creek area near Twickenham.

CLOSURES: The John Day River remains open; however, people recreating on the river should be aware that helicopters may be working in the area and dipping into the river and use appropriate caution.
Shaniko Butte
Warm Springs Reservation 12 miles north of the town of Warm Springs.
42,000 acre
50% containment Oregon Incident Management Team 1 is managing the fire. Firefighters successfully conducted burnout operations along the west side of the Deschutes River from North Junction to the S-210 Road, which will provide defense against the fire’s spread onto the east side of the Deschutes River. The large jump in fire acreage was a result of several burnout operations that are allowing the team to secure fire lines and contain the fire.

For information on this fire, contact the Shaniko Butte incident at 541-553-8190, or look for information on at http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/3960/

EVACUATIONS: Level 2 for all residences in the vicinity of Dant, OR and Level 1 for all residences in the vicinity of Road S-300 and in the Kaskela area.

CLOSURES: S-300/Highway 3 Junction and Redlake Cemetery Road/Highway 3 Junction.

The BLM OPENED the Lower Deschutes River today at 6 a.m. Rafters should be aware that river rangers may need to hold rafters at times to allow for water dips in the river by helicopters.
Sunflower Fire
Umatilla National Forest

10 miles NE of Monument 5,900 acres
20% containment The fire is burning on the south side of the Wall creek drainage between Happy and Wilson Creeks has moved into the Little Wilson and Big Wilson Creek drainages. Localized winds caused torching and spotting throughout the day yesterday.

For more information contact the fire information line (1-800-923-6891) or find information on the web at http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/3964/

CLOSURES: National Forest System Road (NFSR) 22 from the junction with NFSR 22 and NFSR 21 in Section 23, T6S, R26E to the south and east to the Section 20 & Section 21 border; thence southerly along the Section 20 & Section 21 border from the NFSR 22, Section 20 & 21 border junction to the NFSR 22 where it crosses the Section 29 & Section 28; thence south westerly on NFSR 22 to the junction with NFSR 23 in Section 29, T7S, R27; thence west on NFSR 23 to the junction with NFSR 2128 in Section 25 of T7S, R26E; thence northerly on NFSR 2128 to where it intersects with the Morrow County OHV park boundary on the northwest corner of Section 2, T7S, R26E; thence easterly and northerly along the boundary of OHV park to where the OHV park boundary meets the NFSR 22 road on the boundary of Section 23 & Section 26, T6S, R26E; thence northerly to the NFSR 22 and NFSR 21 junction in Section 23, T6S, R26E.
Ward Canyon
Private lands
South Sherman County 8 miles west of Antelope Estimated at 15,000 acres The fire continues to be managed by South Sherman County.
Waterman Complex
Oregon Department of Forestry
Ochoco National Forest Bailey Butte (private land west of Mitchell).
Toney Butte (10 miles northeast of Spray, just east of Hwy 207).
Junction Springs
10.655 acres TOTAL
35% contained

Bailey Butte
8,415 acres
10% contained

Toney Butte
2,200 acres
90% contained

Junction Springs
20 acres
100% contained

.25 acres
100% contained
Three fires and an small fire (.25 acres) are being managed as a complex. A Type II Incident Management Team has taken over management of the fire. For more information, visit: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/3961/

Fire Information Phone #: 541-787-4321
Email: watermancomplex2014@gmail.com

EVACUATIONS: A Level III Evacuation Notice for the Marks Creek area by Crook County Sherriff’s Office remains in place. A Red Cross Shelter is located in the Crook County High School in Prineville.

The West Branch area remains under a Level III Evacuation Notice. A Red Cross Shelter is located at 108 S. Nelson St. (Community Hall) in Mitchell.

Hwy 26 remains closed 16 miles E of Prineville. The Team expects to be able to open one lane of travel on Hwy 26 with a pilot car tomorrow.

ALTERNATE ROUTE BETWEEN PRINEVILLE AND MITCHELL: An alternate driving route through the Ochoco National Forest between Prineville and Mitchell is open, but the Forest Roads can be steep, rock and washed out in places. People should have a map and an appropriate vehicle before choosing this route.

From Prineville, turn south on Combs Flat Road and continue east on Highway 380 past Post and Paulina. About 5 miles east of Pualina, turn north on Wolf Creek Road and continue north to a Y where Forest Road 42 and Forest Road 58 depart. Take Forest Road 42. The road passes Salters Cabin campground and Wolf Creek campground as it enters the national forest.

Follow Forest Road 42 to Six Corners junction, then turn onto Forest Road 122, which leaves the junction heading east before turning north. Stay on Forest Road 12 to its junction with Highway 26, about 10 miles east of Mitchell.

For additional information, please contact Patrick Lair, Ochoco NF Public Affairs Officer, at 541-416-6647.

CLOSURES: Forest Roads 450, 2630, 150, 2200, 2210, 300, 2610, Buck Creek Road to its intersection with the east edge of the Mill Creek Wilderness and Forest Roads 650, 27, 2745, 010 and 2750. Walton Lake, Round Mountain, Crystal Springs, Wildwood, Ochoco Divide and Whistler campgrounds are all closed.

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