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Special Issues & Guides » Central Oregon Pets

Central Oregon Pets - Fall 2019

The magazine dedicated to the best friends of Bend and beyond



The team at Central Oregon Pets couldn’t be more pleased at putting out this second issue of our new magazine, which made its debut in spring 2019. As our staff list demonstrates, we have a lot of pet lovers here, and we know we’re not alone. Central Oregon is a pet lover’s haven!

  • Darris Hurst

Inside this issue, you’ll find lots for pet lovers of all kinds to enjoy. While dogs often take center stage in magazines like this, they’re far from the only types of pets we’re covering. (To those of you who shared that they wanted something besides a dog magazine, we heard you, and we aim to deliver!) 

Check out Cayla Clark’s emotional tale of visiting Second Chance Bird Rescue, where dozens of rescued birds are waiting for a new home. 

See the cat who won our Pet Costume Contest, among many other contestants. Also check out Jim Anderson’s story on Think Wild, Central Oregon’s newest wildlife rescue operation. And we offer info on CBD for all types of pets—provided your veterinarian is on board… 

And of course, we didn’t totally neglect dogs… they are, after all, our faithful companions on the trails and at the local patio drink spots! Check out Damian Fagan’s story on the hard-working, life-saving avalanche dogs of Mt. Bachelor. Read Isaac Biehl’s story on learning to care for your pet with canine first aid and wilderness skills. And look for advice from veterinarian Lisa Campbell about avoiding fights at the dog park

From all of us animal lovers here at Central Oregon Pets, we hope you enjoy this issue!

Check out the digital edition below!

  • Darris Hurst

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