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Central Oregon Pets - Spring 2020

A magazine for Bend's best friends


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Welcome to the spring edition of Central Oregon Pets! With so much uncertainty in the world, pets remain one constant source of comfort—that friendly face to welcome you, no matter what, when you get home from a long day, or when you need a pick-me-up during times of trial. Thank goodness for them!

  • Photo and by Darris Hurst

Inside this issue, we ask the question, how much running is too much for your pet—a salient question for our active Central Oregon lifestyles. We also take a look at the fun and fruitful work of truffle hunting dogs, as well as getting a glimpse into a population not meant to be pets at the High Desert Museum, that brings joy not at home, but in a place for all to enjoy. We also offer info on acupuncture for pets, and share a fly-on-the-wall perspective on what a conversation between Bend dogs and cats would look like. We’re also giving you a little window into the world of Central Oregon Pets’ staff animals—including our adorable cover model, Gracie. Additionally, you will find stories on emotional support animals, planning for your pet after you are gone and much more.

So hug those dogs, cats, horses and other furry friends tight, and let’s hear it for their unwavering love!

Check out the digital edition below!

  • Photo and Design by Darris Hurst

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