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Central Oregon's Ultimate Top Ten Lists

What made our top 10 lists from 2012!


Top 10 Images of the Year From Our Fave Local Photographer

1. Antelope Canyon, Arizona. Participants in our Photo Workshop Group in Arizona. Nothing beats that place for texture and light in nature.

2. Bushman woman with child, Namibia. Spending time with a Bushman clan was a photographer's dream we realized last May.

3. Daniel Keeton during our outdoor lighting workshop at Boneyard last summer. While everybody was shooting the cute models, I caught this image.

4. Regula at Scott Lake. We did several shoots for Hydro Flask this summer, which were great fun. This was a warm-up shot.

5. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa: Sunrise at the falls was a very wet affair. We went there twice and only got a few shots before the spray obscured the stunning waterfall.

6. South Sister from Tumalo Mountain at sunrise. Nothing beats snowshoeing up that peak to watch the first light hitting the mountains.

7. Alondra in the Flowers: I love doing portraits. Alondra was a model for the Source Fall style shoot we did.  We did a few shoots in the Old Mill when the flowers were just stunning.

8. Couple Dancing:  On assignment for Travel Oregon we did several shoots with models in Southwestern Oregon. This shot was a lucky catch while two of the models were goofing off. It turned out to be one of my favorite images from that day.

9. Elephants crossing the Chobe River in Botswana: Nothing beats watching Africa's Mega Fauna. Every time we shoot in Africa I feel so lucky to be able to be there.

10. Walt Ramage running the river trail: Walt and his beautiful wife Dani were so kind to pose for several images this year. I worked this image over in Photoshop and with the Nik Filters. Walt is a hunter and I felt it catches his person better than any of the other images we took.

Top 10 Moments in Local Food

1. Locavore disturbs entire fauna population of Central Oregon by calling the January Community Supper event, "Feast of Many Beasts."

2. Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council receives grant and begins implementation of Buy Fresh, Buy Local Campaign.

3. Brookswood Plaza + CE Lovejoys + Locavore = Brand new Tuesday Farmers Market

4. Local Farmers can't decide which they want more: locally brewed beer or the spent hops they use to fertilize their fields. The debate rages on...

5. Salem gets savvy to local: House Bill 2222 allows a 1,000 bird-processing exemption for small farmers.

6. Slow Food High Desert sends three delegates to The Terra Madre International Conference in Turin, Italy, to discuss the state of sustainable agriculture and local food with the world.

7. 2012 highlight for beer lovers: Locavore vows to carry a wide selection of local brew when the Locavore Store opens in January 2013

8. 2012 highlight for bartender lovers: Locavore Psychedelic Cowboy Dance Party culminates with studly shirtless bartenders.

9. Cider and mead breweries arrive in Central Oregon. It's not just about beer anymore.

10. Central Oregon Food Policy Council decodes county ordinances for Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties. Local farmers breathe a sigh of relief.

11. Bite of Bend goes local. Lay It Out Events and Locavore team up to provide nearly 100% local ingredients for the Top Chef Competition.

12. Rainshadow Organics implements the first Central Oregon winter CSA, including vegetables, meat & fresh-ground flour.

13. Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council, Central Oregon Locavore and Food Policy Council team up to begin to create a Central Oregon Regional Food Hub.

Top 10 things that happened at Dump City this year

By The Guys at Dump City Dumplings

1. Awesomeness: If the moon is in just the right spot during a First Friday, drum circle jam sessions commence at the Dumpling Cart. Our biggest session included banjos, guitars, drums, didgeridoos and a whole lot of singing.

2. Oversized Load: Late one evening we watched a very wobbly tandem bicycle pass by. It was stacked with 5 riders. Very wobbly.

3. The Herminator: An African spurred tortoise who comes by to say hey with his owner, Terry. Only one of them gets a dumpling, but we won't say who.

4. All that music: We love kickin' it with all the musicians that find their way to Dump City after a concert. From MoWo and The Devil Makes Three to Water Tower, Rainbow Girls, Brother Ali, GWAR, Harley Bourbon, Strive Roots and everyone else that rocks our ears and then let's us rock their taste buds!

5. The World Champion: On a cold and almost snowy night, we crowned a new World Dumpling Champion. Ted Maas ate 17 dumplings in less than 30 minutes. That's one small step for man, and one giant leap for Dump City.

6. Girls Going Wild: You always get a free dumpling on your birthday or for your bachelor/bachelorette party. The ladies (who usually have something shaped like a penis around their necks) will occasionally go a little wild. Scavenger hunts, truth or dare, and even just getting old-fashioned hammered: these girls are out to have a good time.

7. It's not a Goddamn Hot Dog: We get asked for a "hot dog with everything" at least once a night. One very early morning, a customer was pretty sure we had some hot dogs to sell him. He insisted, and we gave making him happy our best shot. He got mad we didn't have ketchup, but was pretty sure those dumplings were the best hot dogs he'd ever had.

8. Woke up in the Gutter: Ever actually seen someone passed out in a gutter? We have. And on a bench, and on the ground and literally peeing in their pants. Best of all, curled up behind the Dump cart like a loyal schnauzer at the Brother Ali show. Thanks Sammy.

9. You can't eat a Dump wearing Cuffs: Sometimes, things happen. Sometimes, you get in a fight downtown, and sometimes the 5-0 shows up. And then sometimes, just sometimes, the cops will let you eat your dumpling before you get carted off to the drunk tank.

10. Fighting for their Right to...?: Time and time again, we see people throwing down. Once we saw a pro ski/snowboard crew cause a riot involving themselves, bouncers, and finally just about everyone on the street. We've seen shouting, kicking, swearing, pimp slapping and, once, a crazy dude chasing someone with his car. We have literally seen it all, come visit us and we'll tell you all about it.

Top 10 Dumbest Viral Videos

1. "How To Kill a Mustache" It's not easy shaving off that prized "mouth brow" you worked so hard for. That's why RhettandLink created this detailed how-to video to help boost your confidence during this emotionally painful process.

2. "Arrested Guy Sings Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody" You'd have to be pretty sozzled if being detained in the back of a police car inspires you to blurt out Queen's famous "Bohemian Rhapsody." It's too bad, Robert Wilkinson fell under the pressure after exceeding his limit.

3. "Frog Sits On A Bench" People love when animals behave like humans. So when your average toad is filmed sitting casually on a plank of wood with its arms resting on its legs, you better believe it's going to obtain 10 million views.

4. "Krispy Kreme: The Baddest" What do you get when you mix a young white male with the voice of Larry the Cable Guy and a desire to rap? This adolescent wanna-be who goes by the name Krispy Kreme.

5. "Catch The Ice Dude" Cannonballing into a frozen pond in your underwear is the perfect way to show you're a badass to your friends. But before diving in, it's always important to make sure your pond isn't COMPLETELY frozen.

6. "Cinnamon Challenge" Swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon sounds easy enough, right? So far, everyone who has tried ends up nearly choking to death. This woman in this video believed she would be the first out of the thousands to escape the cinnamon chokehold.

7. "Felix Baumgartner's Free Fall" Out of all the most ridiculous videos out there, Felix Baumgartner's fall to earth has got to be No. 1. I'm not saying it wasn't epic. But the idea of plummeting 24 miles at 833 mph towards earth has "asinine" written all over it.

8. "A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square" Sometimes one needs a surprise blast of drama to complete their day. TNT made it happen at the press of a button.

9. "Kony 2012" Hitting 94 million views on YouTube, Jason Russell had a good thing going. He had potential to change the world. That was until police caught Russell running nude through the streets of San Diego 10 days later.

10. "PSY-Gangnam Style" After blowing past Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor" music video and Justin Bieber's "Baby," Psy—an awkward and plump Korean K-pop singer—receives YouTube's most watched video of 2012 with over 970 million views.

Top 10 Source Facebook Comments of the Year

1. The Source Weekly December 19 Early reports on SNOOP DOGG show are glowing. Happy Snoop, Happy crowd, Classic beats, Cypress Hill cover. What was your experience with tha Doggfather? Photos? Get on the tour bus? Andy Freauff He only played for an hour...but that hour was Snoopalicious.

2. The Source Weekly November 29 Sad News: No More concerts at the Century Center Kristianna McLean Where would we be without music? lets shut down all the starbucks and see how many sleepy faces complain

3. The Source Weekly October 12 Jen Burgess Thompson,—an amazing mother, artist and friend—passed away this morning. We honored her in 2012 with our Woman of the Year award for her strength and grace. Please keep her family and friends in your thoughts and EFF cancer. Nessa Tupper I did not know her, but I learned from her, a depth of appreciation for life, gratitude for time with children, family and friends...and tenacity, to continue to fight for life, for love and for more time. Lifting her children up in prayer.

4. The Source Weekly September 25 We hate to keep being all cranky with the city over the water project. But seriously guys, you tell us today that the Tumalo Falls area will be closing tomorrow for the next six months. WTF! Bob Kuehn More notice would have been nice. Still we have a very rare and positive relationship in Bend between the FS and COTA. Stupid and selfish actions could change that. While there is some fine terrain that will not be accessible this fall we have so much more to ride on. Don't blow all the work in relationships with the FS created over the past years.

5. The Source Weekly July 26 Today we published this word — quentestinal — in a story about Woody Allen. An alert reader pointed out that this is not an actual word in the English language. However, we believe it is trying to be. If you have a great definition for this embryonic term, add it here. Ebenezer Jude Krantz Quentestinal: a violent gastric phenomenon commonly occurring after visiting the D&D

6. The Source Weekly June 5 You've got one hour to tell us your best rodeo clown name. Most creative gets two tix to the Sisters Rodeo this weekend. Go! Dan Vance Chuckles McBuckle

7. The Source Weekly May 11 Whoa. We missed this trend [breast feeding] in our recent MODERN MOMS special issue. Nice work on pushing the envelope, TIME. Amy Brewster Just for some perspective, the global average that children stop breastfeeding is age 4. So maybe we're the weirdo's for thinking that this is weird. There is far too much stigma already in our society against women who choose to nurse. I honestly don't feel this should be controversial; there are many "right" ways to raise your children and what works for one family may not work for another. I say save the judgment and focus on your own family!

8. The Source Weekly Feb 28 Just "like" us and leave a clever comment below. You could win two free tickets. Brian Bulemore This show would fit my social calendar like a G.love...

9. The Source Weekly Feb 13 Is there truly an Eastside vs. Westside rivalry? Bend City Club to explore our two towns this week. Jenny Patterson There are so many "faces" to Bend- But it is hard to compare Eastside to Westside, when the two (are there really only two sides of Bend?) are vastly different... sometimes I like an apple and other times, an orange hits the spot. But I do seem to notice a bit more of a "rush" syndrome on the Westside.

10. The Source Weekly Feb 10 Holy Doobie Brothers, Batman. Bendite nabbed with 64 lbs of Pot. Diana Hardt Party Foul.

Top 10 @sourceweekly Tweets of 2012

1. 17 May Anybody else.catch the segway pack downtown? I think they were stalking margaritas. pic.twitter.com/4CMv5a5T

2. 27 May In line at Galveston buying PBR when we notice this. Go Bend. #inbend http://yfrog.com/esjdnfjj

3. 4 July One minute into fireworks and already the butte is on fire. #inbend

4. Aug 1 Note to self: if I ever want something from the city, sue first then get the deal I want when I drop the lawsuit. #inbend

5. Sep 5 Scott Ramsay says Source was out of line to give four councilors the Boot when they met with Karl Rove at the Oxford recently. #inbend

6. Sep 19 Just had little show down with city attorney over whether it's ok for journalists to ask questions about what they learned in exec session.

7. Oct 9 Did Bulletin Publisher Gordon Black really just publicly say that he built a business around foreclosure notices? WTF? http://www.bendbulletin.com/article/20121009/NEWS0107/210090405/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter ...

8. 17 Oct noise ordinance talk =more dreadlocks than normal at city hall (tattoos, too)

Conversation about noise ordinance digressing... Voice levels exceeding 65 decibels...

Oh my. Favorite city employee- Police Chief Jeff Sale, hands down. dead ringer for malibu police chief

he has by far the best smile when he's hearing what he finds to be a high decibel level of BS.

9. 6 Nov And that's how the Source does election night. pic.twitter.com/6VzJrUjW

10. 20 Dec Eager says city has the right people following up with Nike. You heard it here first folks. Nike may be coming to Bend. #inbend #holyshit

Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Bend... or to Avoid Another Creekwater Project Fiasco By Bill Buchanan

1. Adopt an odd/even toilet-flushing schedule so we can postpone sewer upgrades if the Bend City Council insists on devoting all of our resources to the creekwater project.

2. Consider your consultant's 13 million biases ($$$) before relying on his advice.

3. Meaningful public input is a good idea even if you're smarter than everyone else combined.

4. When eight former mayors agree a project stinks, they might be right.

5. When business and environment both agree a project smells, it might.

6. Consider whether having two sources of water is worth paying six to 10 times the cost of one.

7. Ask why we need 10 miles of pipe to ship creekwater to a reservoir located 1/4 mile from the creek.

8. Never tell your critics to "take it to the voters." They might.

9. You can sell anything—even that pipe you bought before obtaining permits—on eBay.

10. Horse. Then cart.

Top 10 cold call responses By Bri Brey

Most dead on, dead wrong, or just outrageous responses we received asking questions to random folks on the street in 2012.

1. On the future of the former Boondock's...

Nick Jarokowski, student

The strippers definitely brought the wrong crowd. Last time I was there, there were probably 30 or 40 people in the middle of Newport Avenue brawling and fighting. They knocked over a fence. If the new owners are trying to do a new theme then it could be different.

2. On mustaches...

Darcee Taggart, massage therapist

I think the mustache is kind of creepy, but it's also kind of hot. Is that weird? The '70s porno stache is what everyone is doing and it's creepy, but it's also intriguing, it pulls you in. The Captain Hook mustache, that's my thing.

3. On the noise ordinance and the Les Schwab Amphitheater...

Janaya Wetzell, student

I would say it's Bend, and it's summertime. Welcome to our culture.

4. On Obama's support of gay marriage...

Zack Mathews, construction worker

I'm not into it. I don't like that. It's basically insane, that's what I think.

5. On privately funded space travel... Josh Weinberg, baker

I think people could be putting that money toward people on Earth. Think of the shipping cost! How about just shipping some food to the people in Sudan? That makes more sense to me.

6. On Snoop Dogg becoming Snoop Lion...

Tyler Cranor, financial rep

I don't believe you.

7. On Felix Baumgartner's space jump and what's next for extreme sports...

Dave Ironwing, unemployed

I watched that video earlier! Maybe bungee jumping from the Empire State Building? Or maybe those fly suits, the wing suits, people can do some crazy shit with those.

8. On how to stay well in the winter in Bend...

Norm Dreher, wholesale distributor of organic agricultural products

I do hibernation, and bacon and coffee. And I watch Pineapple Express over and over and over again. I also try to find a girlfriend—one that has a house, preferably.

9. On Todd Aiken's "legitimate rape" comment...

Lorie Brown, Search engine optimization

I think that the backlash should absolutely be happening. Any guy that is that ignorant about rape shouldn't be running [for office].

10. On Mitt Romney's 47% comments...

Alice Dupree, retired waitress

That was one sentence out of a whole paragraph. I don't know if it will affect his campaign. I know I'm going to vote for him because he just looks presidential and he has all this business background. It's a plus to be a Mormon, they do a lot for people that are in trouble and they give lots of money. They're very generous people. Just look at their families, everything seems so clean cut. I call the president we have now the playboy president.

Top 10 Viewer Emails Sent to KTVZ By Nina Mehlhaf

1. Please explain the juxtaposition between channels 5 and 21. Thanks

2. Sorry to say, but you look like you had a fight with static electricity and lost. You were definitely having a bad hair day.

3. Subject: Pink necklace. – If that was a Christmas gift I hope you have the receipt. Never ever wear that on air again. Never. Ever.

4. Why your makeup people make your cheeks so red and out there? You are a stunning lady and don't be a clown looking one? Why hot you? Cheeks so Rosie? Stop with the makeup.

5. Hey, so what does it take to see you in a 2 piece? (I am not asking for a nude shot)

6. John Boner...Too funny! You were very professional with your cover, not even a giggle!

7. Thanks for forcing me to watch the news. Sorry, but I have a strong love for the female persuasion. And no, I am not a kook. Got it bad for brunettes.

8. Your teeth are annoyingly white. Drink some coffee or smoke some cigarettes.

9. Does ______ have an artificial right hand? I am wondering because of how he holds it always, and it never moves nor do the fingers.

10. I despise the Yuppie's in Bend they just taken over with there bike trail's dog park's down town activity's all the time it's like we have to baby sit them all the time. There bike really's & brew fests. Yuppies are spoiled brats & so are there off spring.

Top 10 Lessons Learned along the Campaign Trail By Nathan Hovekamp

1. A political campaign is in many respects a long series of impositions made on family, friends, colleagues, volunteers, supporters, and voters. Many thanks and much restitution is due.

2. Bend is a wonderful community filled with remarkable people. Many individuals and families are struggling with economic, employment, health, and other issues but still tough it out here.

3. We canvassed all precincts and knocked on many thousands of doors all over town. Most folks are friendly, but many of their dogs have less patience with politicians.

4. More important to a lot of voters in Bend than candidates' party affiliation is their honesty, pragmatism, and work ethic. There is nothing inherently partisan about promoting economic vitality, educational excellence, affordable healthcare, and environmental conservation.

5. Disappointment and disengagement with politics and politicians is rampant, and much of it is justifiable. We must work harder to elevate the rhetoric, recognize the common ground, foster mutual respect, and get the work done.

6. Whoever said that with two ears and one mouth we should spend proportionate amounts of time listening versus speaking must have been offering advice especially to political candidates.

7. A campaign is a lot less like "camp" and a lot more about "pain." These things are too long, too intrusive, too mean, and too expensive. There has got to be a better way.

8. The local papers: our weekly is cool; our daily is cold.

9. In regards to political bloviation, less is definitely more. I'll stop my Top 10 list at 9.

Top 10 Movies of the Year By Jake Williky

1. Argo Suspense, irony, courage, triumph—Argo had everything. It also boosted Ben Affleck to the top of the next generation of excellent directors.

2. Zero Dark Thirty Epic. It could be director Kathryn Bigelow's second Best Picture winner in the last five years.

3. Looper The best sci-fi film of the year—the screen connection between Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was rare.

4. Moonrise Kingdom Charming and bittersweet, this whimsical film is one of director Wes Anderson's best. The excellent cast made the melancholy magical.

5. The Avengers One of the most fun and action-packed films of the year. The balance and chemistry from all of the dynamic lead characters created a superhero masterpiece.

6. Django Unchained Raunchy. Stylish. Tarantino. Need we say more?

7. Life of Pi The visual effects were killer. P.S. There's a mind-blowing twist at the end.

8. Lincoln This grand and sophisticated thriller from Steven Spielberg turned in plenty of Oscar-worthy performances. Instant classic.

9. Skyfall This Bond flick had a classic vibe with a storyline that gave us the history of 007. One of the best in the franchise.

10. The Hunger Games Freaky. Lived up to all our expectations from the books.

Things Not Welcome Back in 2013 By Bri Brey

1. Twinkies Although I am worried about what we will eat after the nuclear holocaust takes place, Hostess going out of business could be the No. 2 solution for childhood obesity, behind Michelle Obama.

2. Super storms Anything that interferes with charging an iPhone is extremely detrimental to our current society. I'm saying no thanks to Sandy-esque super storms in 2013.

3. Sex scandals We have come to expect outrageous sex scandals from politicians and celebrities, but in 2012, sex scandals disseminated into our athletics (college football and wrestling), our armed guards (secret service), and even our children's television programming (Elmo). Hey everyone, just keep it in your pants in 2013, will ya?

4. Chick-fil-A's Opinions When CEO Dan Cathy announced that they supported the traditional family unit and opposed same-sex marriage, I was pissed. Then I reconsidered. What I realized is there isn't a Chick-fil-A within 300 miles of where I am and I can't think of one person who actually eats that shit. Game over—Washington state wins. But for 2013, keep your opinions to yourself, Chick-fil-A.

5. The end of the world How will it happen? Four Horsemen? Robot take-over? Unicorn uprising? Just like

6. Armageddon without Bruce Willis? It's over, conspiracy theorists. Dec. 21 came and went and we're all still here. Can we drop the speculation, please? Let go of the Mayan prophecy and move on to calculating the next impending apocalypse, Harold Camping-style.

7. Psy Ha. Got ya. Now that you've read the name Psy, you officially have the most popular and obnoxious song of 2012 stuck in your head for the rest of the month. I would be lying if I said I didn't find Psy entertaining, but if I see that video one time in 2013, I'm going to whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop someone's ass.

8. Legitimate rape In 2012, we established that using contraceptives makes you a slut, a woman's body has rape repulsion mechanisms, and that Mitt Romney has binders full of us. Now that we've turned the clock back 50 years on women's rights, let's be sure that 2013 is a year of forward progress.

9. Twilight One of the only reasons I would wish for the end of the world would be the prospect of keeping warm by a stack of aflame Stephanie Meyers books. The saga is finally over so for the good of posterity, burn your Twilight books, break your Twilight DVDs, keep them out of my 2013.

10. The rest of the mess A few other things not welcome back in 2013, or ever, really. Donald Trump, crazy people jumping out of space, Clint Eastwood's chair bit, celebrity Twitter wars, widow's peaks, malarkey, Rick Santorum, baby bump conspiracies, the Kardashians, Fifty Shades of Grey, Honey Boo Boo, political polls and Titanic 3D.

11. Gun violence Enough said.

Top 10 things you probably don't know about Bend By City Councilor Mark Capell

1. An average resident pays about $4.50 a day for all city services; including police, fire, water, sewer, streets and more.

2. Redmond's property tax rate is almost twice that of Bend's.

3. In 1910, Mirror Pond was created by the construction of the Bend Water, Light & Power Company. The dam provided the city with its initial source of electricity on Nov. 1, 1910.

4. Bend's first recorded fire occurred April 27, 1905 and destroyed the O'Kane Saloon at the corner of Bond and Oregon Streets. The fight was led by volunteers using wet blankets. Later that year, Bend got its first fire protection system costing $1,395.

5. The Police Department has 22 volunteers who provide 7,000 hours of free services to the city each year.

6. Clark Gable lived in Bend and worked stacking lumber in the Brooks Scanlon Lumber Mill prior to moving to Portland and starting his acting career.

7. The Public Works Department delivers an average of 4 billion gallons of drinking water and treats over 2 billion gallons of wastewater a year.

8. There are 825 lane miles of streets in the city. A lane mile is a single lane, 12 feet wide.

9. Bend City Councilors are paid $200 per month ($179.52 after taxes) for their service. Some people will argue that we are overpaid and others will say that you get what you pay for.

10. My grandmother grew up in Bend. Up until the time she passed away in 2001 at age 92, she said that a respectable woman doesn't walk on Bond Street, home of early saloons and brothels.

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