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Cereal-ously Adult Cocktails

Milk punch for your inner child


Got cereal milk? In your cocktail? Why not? - LISA SIPE
  • Lisa Sipe
  • Got cereal milk? In your cocktail? Why not?

Are cereal milk cocktails a thing? Christina Tosi, the pastry chef of the Milk Bar chain, brought cereal milk from the bottom of the bowl into ice cream, panna cotta and bottles in the early aughts, but I wondered if it had reached a high ball. It turns out as soon as Tosi's idea hit the mainstream someone added booze, but I didn't let that stop me from a little experimentation.

An adult cereal emerged from the kitchen at Foxtail Bakeshop a few weeks ago and after I heard the ingredients: passion fruit meringue kisses, toasted black sesame and lemon Rice Krispie treats, toasted hazelnuts, dehydrated raspberries, cacao berry crispy feuilletine coated in Valrhona passion fruit inspiration chocolate and Volrhona dulcey chocolate puffed rice, I needed it in my life. Those combinations of flavors are the result of a trip Nickol Hayden-Cady, owner and executive pastry chef at Foxtail Bakeshop, took to Mexico City. "I had this delicious candy that had a burnt lava flavor to it," said Hayden-Cady. "It's a weird flavor I fell in love with." She knew that was what she wanted her cereal to taste like.

I wouldn't describe the taste of Foxtail's cereal as burnt lava, but it's delightfully sweet with a bright sharpness in certain bites from the dehydrated raspberries. Those passion fruit meringue pieces, that yes, you will fight over if you share a bag, explode with sharp, sugary, creamy goodness. With lots of different textures and a mingling of so many different flavors, it was hard to eat just one bowl.

Since I had a cocktail on my mind, I held back, grabbed my Vitamix blender and combined equal parts Foxtail cereal and Garry's Meadow Fresh whole milk, and turned the dial up to three. Once the colorful cereal turned to mush and made the milk pink, it was ready to strain through a fine-mesh sieve (no one wants chunks in a cocktail!). I used the back of a spoon to wring out every drop of goodness. I tasted the mixture and thought it should be a little sweeter since a cold cocktail can numb the tastebuds. I whisked in a little powdered sugar. With my cereal milk ready I decided to make a milk punch, which is like a simple eggnog without eggs. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice I combined 4 ounces of cereal milk with 2 ounces of bourbon (you could also use equal parts brandy and rum) and stirred. I strained the pink-hued boozy milk into a coupe glass and garnished it with a passion fruit meringue kiss and a sprinkle of tiny purple flower petals to create a cocktail that is equal parts kiddo and grown up.

The Cereal is the first release in the Foxtail Eats product line, you can find it for $18.50 a bag online or in store at Foxtail Bakeshop.

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