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Cloverdayle: NW Country

"Play Me Something I Can Drink To"


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Chad and Rachel Hamar have been playing music as long as they can remember. They are not only the singers and songwriters behind Cloverdayle, they are also an insanely happy couple. Describing their music as "Northwest Country," this duo is probably the textbook definition of that. Both husband and wife are native Oregonians. Chad Hamar is from the Portland area and Rachel Hamar grew up right here in Bend.

Celebrating the release of their new single, "Play Me Something I Can Drink To," Cloverdayle is making a stop in Bend to perform at the Volcanic Theatre Pub on April 9.

Cloverdayle is looking forward to the upcoming show and playing at the VTP. "We are very excited," says Rachel Hamar, "to be able to play in a more intimate setting. That's something we love to be able to do." It will be a great opportunity for them to showcase some of their acoustic work, they say, describing how being that close to the fans is something they always enjoy. This pair holds their fans so near and dear to their hearts that they even allowed their following to pick out their latest celebrated single. Some artists can say that they give the fans what they want, but Colverdayle can boast of actually following through.

Performing for an audience is something they enjoy quite a bit; at live shows these two discuss how much having a positive experience can be one of the best experiences there is. "When the audience is giving us their energy, that's the ultimate," says Chad Hamar.

Chad and Rachel Hamar have been playing music since they were both teens, but the birth of Cloverdayle wasn't until 2008. A date with destiny became a career-altering decision. They decided to enter a radio contest for artists interested in opening for Kenny Chesney, just after performing their first show. They made it to the top ten, then to the final four. A battle of the bands took place, and in what seemed like overnight, they played their second show ever: Cloverdayle opened for Kenny Chesney.

Being an opener for such a famous musician is quite an honor; however, staying an opening act wasn't their final goal. Being a professional music duo, being able to tour and play music for a living continues to be their dream. To Cloverdayle, music has a very special place in the heart. Chad Hamar describes music to be a powerful method of escape, while Rachel Hamar describes it as a connection to people. The honest, yet distinct connection of each to the energy of the music is something many identify with, meaning listeners stay interested and Cloverdayle's dreams continue to grow.


Volcanic Theatre Pub,

70 SW Century Dr., Bend

Saturday, April 9, 8 p.m.

$12 adv., $15 door

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