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Colorful Valentines X 2!



February in Bend can feel like winter is never going to end. Why not bring some color into your world with some easy Valentine's Day kitchen table crafts?

Both of these cute and budget-friendly projects are suitable for pre-K (with help from an adult) through school-aged children.

I have a suspicion that older siblings might even want to join the fun!

Materials for Tie-Dye Valentines:

• Coffee filters

• Water-soluble markers

• Newspaper to protect your table

• Spray bottle with water

• Scissors

Tie-Dye Valentines

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Step 1: Protect your work surface with newspaper. Color each coffee filter with water-soluble markers. You can color in a bullseye pattern or random designs. Scribbles and squiggles are just fine!

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Step 2: Lightly spray your colored coffee filter with water. Watch the colors blend and bleed.

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Step 3: Allow coffee filters time to dry completely, then cut into a heart shape.

Step 4: Display your tie-dyed hearts on a window with loops of clear tape or a dab of glue stick. You can also glue these hearts to homemade cards, or string them up into a garland.

Geometric Mosaic Valentines

What is a mosaic? It is a form of art where a surface is covered with small objects like stones or tiles that fit together tightly. These objects are carefully placed to form geometric designs or pictures.

This mosaic heart project can be simplified for younger kids.

Materials for Geometric Mosaic Valentines:

• Black construction paper

• Scissors

• Glue

• Paint swatches (or colorful construction paper, scrapbook paper, old magazines, etc.)

• Alternative material: colorful craft tape (like glitter or washi tape) if you want to skip the glue.

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Step 1: Cut a heart shape out of black construction paper. It can be big or small depending on how much time you have or the skill level of the artist.

Step 2: Begin cutting shapes like triangles out of paint samples or colorful paper.

The physical act of cutting and piecing paper shapes to fit inside a larger shape is a fun way to sneak some math into your craft time.

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For younger children, it is a great opportunity to practice their scissor skills.

You may need to pre-cut some skinny strips to make it easier for them. If they're not there yet, you can cut some shapes for them to work with.

Older children can make more complex patterns or focus on making symmetrical designs.

Step 3: Arrange colorful shapes on the black heart and glue down leaving a small edge of black showing.

Encourage your young artist to cover the entire heart with shapes. If you are using colorful tape instead of the paper, just cut and stick down as you go!

Note: A fun alternative for this project is to use clear contact paper and stick colorful paper or tissue paper squares onto it as a sun catcher!

MaryLea Harris is a Bend artist, craft blogger and mom.

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