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Conservatives Find Something New to Whine About

Right-wing radio host and blogger Bill Post of Salem has uncovered a horrendous political scandal: Jim Bernau, CEO of Willamette Valley Vineyards, appears to be



Right-wing radio host and blogger Bill Post of Salem has uncovered a horrendous political scandal: Jim Bernau, CEO of Willamette Valley Vineyards, appears to be a closet liberal.

Post was able to break this blockbuster of a story, according to his blog, because an alert listener tipped him "that there was a bus at the McMinnville David Wu Town Hall meeting Monday night that was, as the listener described, 'filled with Obama Health Care supporters with ACORN connections and the bus was sponsored by Willamette Valley Vineyards.' We carefully asked for the caller to prove that in some way. Well, just minutes before we went on the air, he emailed pictures of the bus and boy did that start a firestorm."

Well, not so much a firestorm as a small bonfire.

The Bus Project is an organization founded by Jefferson Smith (now a state representative from Portland) with the aim of encouraging people - especially young people - to register and vote. Pretty radical, huh? But wait, it gets worse.

One of the photos e-mailed to Post shows the side of the bus decorated with slogans like "Education," "Election Reform," "Equal Rights," "Environment," "Economic Strength" and "Health Care." My god, Chairman Mao could've written that stuff!

Post writes on his blog that "'THE BUS' is part of an offshoot of ACORN called: The Bus Project and Politicorps which are EXTREME left wing groups which on their own website say: 'to elect Progressives to the offices in swing areas.'" A search of the ACORN website revealed no reference to either "the Bus Project" or "Politicorps," but the righties have been so obsessed with ACORN ever since the last election campaign that they see its slimy tentacles reaching everywhere.

A comment from "Dan" on the Oregon Catalyst site explains the ACORN/Bus Project connection (pay close attention now, because this gets tricky): "The Bus Project is a Bus Federation partner. The Bus Federation, along with ACORN is part of Health Care For America Now. Health Care for America is just another MoveOn/Soros front ... "

So because the Bus Project is affiliated with the Bus Federation, and the Bus Federation and ACORN are both affiliated with Health Care for America Now, the Bus Project is an "offshoot of ACORN."

You follow that? Nope, neither did we.

Incidentally, Health Care for America Now's website says it's a coalition of "more than 1,000 organizations in 46 states" - which means there are a hell of a lot of sneaky ACORN / MoveOn / George Soros / socialist / communist fronts operating out there. (Other members, incidentally, include such sinister organizations as the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Academy of Nursing, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation for Independent Living, the National Cervical Cancer Coalition and the YWCA.)

Bernau told Post and others that he supported the Bus Project because he thought it was a good idea to encourage young people to vote. But since the Bus Project has progressive leanings and Bernau supports the Bus Project, that makes Bernau a progressive - which, in the conservative worldview, is the same as a socialist, which is the same as a communist, which makes Bernau the ideological, if not moral, equivalent of Joseph Stalin.

What especially infuriates Post about Bernau, as he writes on the Oregon Catalyst site, is that Willamette Valley Vineyards "has a history of being a strong supporter [of] many free market and Republicans candidates in Oregon." Various comments on that site also express outrage at Bernau's betrayal of the Glorious Cause.

"These guys have lost my business forever," writes "Max." "From now on, it's Boon's Farm." (The Eye has no way of proving it, but we have a feeling it's ALWAYS been Boon's Farm for Max.)

On the whole, though, we predict Willamette Valley Vineyards has little to fear from a right-wing boycott. Conservatives are "real Americans," and "real Americans" drink BEER. (And not that elitist "microbrew" stuff either.)

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