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Cops Bust Idahoans with 10 pounds of Pot in Bend Traffic Stop



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A pair of North Idaho men and a female companion are facing marijuana trafficking charges after Oregon State Police seized roughly ten pounds of marijuana from them during a traffic stop near Bend.

Shawn Lee Miller, Marcus George Heidenreich and Shanisy Loree Miller were stopped in their 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee near MP 147 after state troopers observed a “hazardous traffic violation.” During the subsequent stop, officers found two pounds of marijuana in Heidenreich’s suitcase and another eight pounds of vacuum-sealed marijuana in a box. Police estimated the street value of the seized pot at $25,000.

Now a little math:

That’s 160 ounces (16 oz per pound)

25,000/160 = $156 per oz.

That’s little low by Oregon standards, to the tune of about $13,000, if you assume it’s moving at $60 for a ¼ oz, which is generous by any measure.  So, either Idaho growers needs to work on their quality control, or OSP needs to check their pricing matrix.

Come to think of it, this may be the best argument we’ve seen for state run dispensaries: The state only wants to charge $40 a quarter.  


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