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Cops Have the Wrong Guy

A plee to Bend Cops to cut Bicyclists some slack before ticketing them.


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I'd like to offer a challenge to all the Bend cops who have decided to, as The Bulletin put it on the front page of Sunday's paper, "target cyclists."Try riding a bike to and from work, for just one week. Then, the next time you pull over a cyclist in this town, try to look them in the eye and tell them that they're the problem. And if you can do that, then your soul is as black as that handgun you're wearing that you think makes you look so tough.

You ride your bike just five miles around here and odds are at some point you'll be cut off or find yourself sharing the bike lane with a lifted F-350. So, if someone opts to ride on the sidewalk here and there, rolls through a stop sign, or decides to ride home without a light, then cut them a little slack.

Fourteen citations issued to cyclists since the first of June! If that alone isn't evidence enough that cops in this town are pathetic and out of touch, consider that these jokers decided to crack down on cyclists just in time for Commute Options Week that was June 11-18th. What a way to be a part of your community. If you're a cop in this town you should be embarrassed for yourself.

-John Lucia

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