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Cougar Spotted in DRW




A cougar was spotted in Deschutes River Woods yesterday, Dec. 10, on Shoshone Road.
The animal was eating a bird and left when noticed people in the area.

Cougar tracks in the area have led the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office to believe there was only one cougar in that area, but the animal was not found, according to a release from the sheriff's office.

Tips for avoiding an unfortunate conflict with a cougar:

1. Leave animal carcasses alone, cougars may have left them there and may be close by
2. Do not walk your dogs at night in areas where cougars have been sighted
3. Keep lights on near livestock at night to prevent killings
4. Supervise kids and pets outside
5. If you come into direct contact with a cougar, DO NOT RUN. Back away slowly keeping your eyes on the animal
6. If you see a cougar call law enforcement

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