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CrossFit Critique Was Way Off



The biggest misconception about CrossFit is that it is "too intense" or "too hard" for "normal" people. I don't know how many times I've talked to people and had them tell me they are scared to try it...obviously the writer of this blurb fits into that category and hasn't done the research to back up his comments.

I'm not sure what exactly folks think happens in CrossFit gyms, it seems that maybe they think we show up, get yelled at and made to lift super heavy weights and wreck our bodies with no thought to our fitness level or goals.

The awesome thing about CrossFit is that EVERYTHING you do is scalable. Which means there are many movements you can substitute for the "prescribed" movements and this can change daily, weekly, monthly as your fitness level gets better and better. That is why it works! And CrossFit coaches are trained to make sure that everybody who shows up is doing the correct movements (in the correct way) for where they are at fitness wise.

In my experience the CrossFit community and coaches are the most kind, encouraging people I have ever been around. I have many times seen athletes at the gym push themselves to a PR (personal record) with absolute encouragement from everyone around them. I have NEVER seen anyone push themselves to injury! From what I have seen, if something like that happened, it would be because of the ego of the person involved (which I rarely see in the CrossFit community) and not because of the workout or CrossFit in general. To state that injuries happen because of CrossFit is irresponsible.

I would love to see the author of this article show up to any one of the awesome local CrossFit "boxes" to actually participate in a workout and see what it's all about. I just wish that would've happened before this was written, it would have been much more responsible of the journalist to do a little bit of "real" research before writing something with so much misinformation in it!

Heidi Hackenbruck, Bend

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