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CrossFit Didn't Get a Fair Shake


I was disheartened to read the negative article about CrossFit in the Source Weekly. I wanted to share my personal Oregon CrossFit experience with you and encourage anyone who has ever considered CrossFit to TRY it. Oregon CrossFit has been life changing for me.

I discovered Oregon CrossFit when my 12-year-old son started training with Coach Sean at Oregon CrossFit last fall. I noticed not only physical changes in my son but I also noticed a boost in his self-esteem. He was more confident and up for a challenge.

I too was a skeptic that CrossFit could take a middle-aged mom off the street and get her fit. At the time I was 44 years old and feeling fat and frumpy. Not much core strength at all. I thought the CrossFit workouts were waaaaaaaay out of my league. I thought for sure I would throw my back out and be in traction by the end of the first class.

In February of this year, Travis Dickey (the owner/partner) of Oregon CrossFit was telling me that I could look like the women that were working out there. Are you kidding me? He challenged me to "just show up". I told him I would think about it. Honestly, I was thinking he was NUTS! Yes, I'm a skeptic. I thought of every excuse NOT to try it.

I did a baseline fitness test with Travis the following week. The Good News: I didn't die. Humbled? Yes. Travis was so encouraging and convincing that I could get "fit" I agreed to "just show up and do my best." Thankful he had enough enthusiasm for the both of us. Travis worked with me on form and learning the lingo and then I did my first Oregon CrossFit class. I felt intimidated for about a minute. Then one by one people walked up to me and introduced themselves. Coach Carrie went through every move and discussed form so there wouldn't be any injuries and then she followed up with each of us to make sure we were doing each movement correctly. The people working out around me were supportive and encouraged each other and me. I felt as though I really accomplished something that day. I was also part of something more than just a place to "sweat."

Five months later, I continue to "just show up." Oregon CrossFit is now family. I've changed inside and out. I'm stronger physically and mentally. My jeans are three sizes smaller. (Insert HUGE grin here.) I'm up for the challenge! I go at my own pace; it doesn't matter if you're last. What matters is that you finish strong. More often than not there is an Oregon CrossFit Coach and fellow CrossFitters cheering you on!

It's just the beginning of my Oregon CrossFit journey...

KC Caldwell, Bend

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