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Crossword—Week of July 5


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The print edition this week inadvertently left off some of the clues. Our sincerest apologies, but here's the complete clue list:

By Brendan Emmett Quigley (

1 With no markup
7 Track regular
13 Bit of math homework
15 Breathing tube part
16 Break from the schedule
17 Female grouse
18 Time to act
19 Party without many women
21 End of the party
22 Pick things out
23 Talk back?
25 It might be a lot to split up
27 Smartphone feature
29 Future Basketball Hall of Famer Steve
31 Academic basics, briefly
32 Want something very much
33 Still want it
35 Hammett hound
37 Carpet's coverage
39 Composer who said "There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time"
41 Prop for Winston Churchill
43 Holding company's offering?
45 Rest of the offering
49 Mad scientist who is the archenemy of Action Man
50 Some
52 Jump for joy
54 Sherry classification
56 "That's my cue!"
58 Mountain stats
59 Justify events?
60 Further events
62 "That was close"
64 Sot's order
66 Guatemala president Jimmy
69 Moves to a better table, say
70 Autocracy adherent
71 Primps
72 Computer download ... and a hint to this puzzle's theme

1 Patriot's Day mo.
2 Canada's prime minister
3 Denounce
4 Nonsense words in a "White Album" song
5 "Seasons in the Abyss" thrash band
6 Hanoi holiday
7 Judicial obstacles
8 Bit of energy
9 Taking things the wrong way?
10 Personally
11 Faux fat brand that caused explosive diarrhea
12 Trulia user
14 Blend together
15 Tempe inst.
20 Simply the best
22 15- or 67-Down: Abbr.
24 Free wifi provider
26 Catch some fly balls
28 "Manhattan Beach" author Jennifer
30 Played with a bow
34 Zap with gun
36 Medical fluid
38 Backside
40 Soccer commentator White
41 Frank Sinatra, notably
42 "You Could Be Mine" singer
44 Fred to George Weasley
46 Shakespeare character who drowns
47 Stagecoach's setting
48 G.I. cops
49 It's just below E
51 Aspects
53 Surround
55 Makeup first name
57 "Little Dark Age" indie band
61 Form W-7 issuer
63 Challenging
65 Alden played him
67 Columbus inst.
68 Office park address abbr.

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