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Dallas For Deschutes


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I recently reread Lee Iacocca's book Where Have All the Leaders Gone? In his last chapter, he has a "Call to Action," where he reiterates his "9 C's of Leadership."

We have a unique opportunity here in Deschutes County to elect an exemplary candidate for county commissioner who embodies these important qualities of Leadership: Curiosity, Creativity, Communication, Character, Courage, Conviction, Charisma Competence and Common Sense. That candidate is Dallas Brown!

I would certainly add unparalleled energy and passion, a new perspective and a synergistic call to action. Dallas Brown is ready to address our community needs through thoughtful understanding, an open-minded and thorough review of existing programs and procedures, a sincere interest in current operations and how they might be improved, all interwoven with a fresh vision and commitment to collaboration, partnerships, new paradigms and models of proven success that we could incorporate here.

We cannot continue to do "tomorrow's work" with "yesterday's tools." This is not the time to look at arbitrarily reducing critical services, cutting the budget across the various departments at a given percentage, or laying off important staff to just survive; but, to use this time of "crisis" as an opportunity to review, redesign, redirect and emerge with a stronger, more responsible, creative and synergistic plan that will carry us forward not just into the next year, but for the next 50 years.

Dallas' own campaign is the best example of what we can expect from him in office. His work ethic, tireless energy, passion, values, caring and commitment will serve us very well.

Please vote Dallas Brown for Deschutes county commissioner.

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