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Dating: We Want to Know


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In an age when people are interacting on a less face-to-face basis, where does that lead the dating scene? Is it making it easier or more difficult?

Back before the Internet was in everyone’s pocket, you’d have to rely on randomly meeting someone at a grocery, bookstore, or even a bar. Sliding your number to someone on a napkin still holds a bit of appeal, perhaps a slight romance that can only truly exist in nostalgia. Where can people meet now to find love? Or is love something that finds you?

It could be argued that dating sites (or any social media) are now the new “bar napkin.” Some are against these sites. They have been described as “meat markets” or “unrealistic.” On the flip side, people have told me that they are adamantly against just waiting around to meet someone new. These sites can help pair up two (um, or more) people that are looking for the same commitment.

You know what? I think whatever works for you, then go for it. Different strokes for different folks!

I’d love to hear about your opinion or any stories you may have on the subject in the comment section below. 

Love can happen anywhere. - PHOTO BY ANGELA MOORE
  • Photo by Angela Moore
  • Love can happen anywhere.

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