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Dear Selfish Jerk, ….

Opinion on picking up after your dog.



I ride a bike sometimes and I also walk my dogs responsibly on a leash and pick up after them so we can all enjoy the river trail, but, here's to the rude mountain biker I encountered today: Could you please announce in a voice that is audible that you are behind me on the three-foot-wide trail before you are at my left shoulder. And please let me move my little wiener dog out of your way before you are passing and barely missing him by four inches. Thanks...[I’d] hate to have you actually have to slow down and share the river trail.

I have had this happen several times in different parts of the trail. Speaking of picking up after my dogs, please, please can others with dogs on the river trail pick up after your dogs, too, and keep them on a leash?  It's actually the law down on the river trail and those of us who are following the law would like to be able to not step in dog poop while we are picking up after ours and then picking up yours, too.

[To other dog owners,] having your big rowdy dog rush our dogs and scaring the bejesus out of the little ones who are on leashes only to be met with snide remarks and sniggering from the off-leash owners… We are so lucky to have off-leash parks and our own yards for our dogs to run free. Please use all these spaces with respect to others. What ever happened to people being respectful and kind to each other? I guess there have always those who push the boundaries, take advantage and are only looking out for number one—obviously not number two—who spoil it for those who try to be mindful.

Dog poo and sharing trails are just the tip of this iceberg, as we know. Yet, I continue to have hope for humanity that maybe the mindful will someday outnumber the self-absorbed.



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