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Denver Brewery Creates Ballsy Beer



As the multitude of delicious suds in our beer haven we call Central Oregon have won many awards, they thankfully do not have the award for making what could be the worst beer ever. This distinction would go to Wynkoop Brewing in Denver, CO who created the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout last fall. Yes, you heard right, good ole' rocky mountain oysters aka bull testicles. The brewery puts in 25 lbs. of these suckers, roasted n' all. Apparently, their quite a delicacy in Colorado so maybe I've got it all wrong about this brew. But as for an ingredient you could probably feature on Fear Factor, I think I'll keep this beer outside of my fridge. The idea was actually considered because of the positive response they got from a spoof video they made on April Fool's Day last year. Here it is for your enjoyment. Cheers!

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