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Developing- Popular Clear 101.7 Radio Personalities Are Leaving The Station

Two popular Bend radio personalities announce they are leaving Clear 101.7.



Through posts on Facebook pages Friday and today, local favorite radio personalities Doug and Dori Donoho announced that they would be leaving Combined Communicaiton radio station Clear 101.7. Doug had been with Combined Communication for 22 years and Dori is best known for her Homegrown music series which saw her help build Bend's local music scene. All parties have been contacted for further information and we will update if received. Until then, here are the statements issued by the DJ's to their fans.

Here is what Doug had to say on Friday though Clear 101.7's page:
"Hey friends, today is Doug Donoho's last day on the air. Thank you economy! Now I will get a chance to enjoy a few summer weekends instead of working like crazy> I just want to say, it has been a helluva ride. Getting the chance to talk music and be a part of growing the local music scene, well, that's priceless. I am eager to explore new opportunities in media, voice work/narration, or public information officer would be nice. For those who have supported, I thank you. I don't know where I will be in the future, but I know I will be shariing it with my awesome wife and family, and that is all i need. If you want to reach me, I am on Facebook. If you hear of any cool job opportunities or internet radio stations looking for a programmer or dj, let me know. To coin a phrase my wife uses, til next time, be good to each other. Cheers! Doug"

Here is what Dori posted today on her Facebook Wall:
"I am not as eloquent as my husband doug donoho I will be saying my goodbye from here my personal fb page. I wish Clear all the luck and intend to keep all of you who have been my faithful listeners as my friends on facebook. I will let you know where I will land. I love you all so much and being the Madonoho of local music - founding Homegrown and creating a local music scene in Central Oregon where there wasn;t one before is my most satisfying accomplishements during my 15 years on the air at Clear. Also, know that I will continue to be a part of Relay for Life this year, please keep in touch even though I am not on the air...I don't want to lose you all in my life. For Doug and I the Music Matters most The listeners Mattered MORE. Be Good to each other....Dori Donoho"
Comments from Supporters continue to pour in and range from well wishes for the DJ's future to anger over their sudden departure and promises to never listen to Clear 101.7 again.

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