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Dirty Harry vs. The Terminator: California Spurning, Carla Bruni and More



Image: Your Terminated, "S"ucker.
  • Image: Your Terminated, "S"ucker.
Your Terminated, "S"ucker.
  • Your Terminated, "S"ucker.
Your Terminated, "S"ucker. Carla Has the Brits Swooning

Members of the Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Fan Club - which includes Upfront, we are proud to state - will be happy to know that they'll have an opportunity next month to purchase a nude photograph of the French first lady. The catch is that it's expected to cost in the neighborhood of $4,000.

The photo, taken in 1993 by Swiss photographer Michel Comte, will be up for bids at a charity auction April 10 at Christie's in London, along with works by other noted photographers such as Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon and Leni Riefenstahl.

Several British tabloids published the black-and-white image last week, just before a two-day state visit to England by French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and his bride, an erstwhile singer and model. It's a full-frontal view of la belle Carla wearing nothing but a bemused expression, her hands strategically placed over her pelvic region.

Bruni-Sarkozy showed up for the state visit much more modestly, and modishly, attired in a tailored grey suit and Jackie Kennedy-style pillbox hat, and by all accounts the Brits were wowed.

"France is a little bemused today by the collective swoon of the British over Carla Bruni and her husband since they arrived on their shores," blogged Charles Bremner, Paris correspondent for The Times of London. "All those superlatives from overheated broadcasters and the comparisons with Grace Kelly and Princess Diana suggest that les anglais have lost their sang-froid."

Meanwhile, Comte told the French newspaper Le Matin that he took thousands of photos of Bruni during the 10 years they worked together, including "other nude photographs ... far more explicit, but I would never sell them." He also said Britain's Sun newspaper had offered him more than a million pounds for a photograph of an unspecified celebrity, but "I refused. I'm not in it for the money. That's my principle."

Quel dommage.

Hasta la Vista, Clint Baby

Dirty Harry and The Terminator have had a falling out, at least on the political level: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last week announced that he wouldn't reappoint his pal Clint Eastwood to the state parks commission.

Eastwood and Bobby Shriver - who happens to be Schwarzenegger's brother-in-law - were named to the commission in 2001 by then-Gov. Grey Davis and reappointed by Schwarzenegger in 2004. The governor refused to give the two men a third term, saying it was time to give somebody else a chance.

But Eastwood and Shriver say they were axed because they opposed a plan to build a toll road through San Onofre State Beach, a park in San Diego County.

"I talked to [Shriver] the day we were not reappointed, or as Donald Trump would say, 'You're fired,'" Eastwood told the Los Angeles Times. "So we laughed about it, and I said, 'Me? But you're his brother-in-law!' and he said, 'But you're his friend and longtime mentor!'"

Eastwood, who has been an advocate for state parks for many years, said there were no hard feelings between him and Schwarzenegger, a fellow Republican and "a friend of mine for a very long time."

"I think it was just somebody got a bee under their bonnet at the right moment, so there we are," Eastwood said.

Dying to Stay Thin, and Drunk

Anorexia and bulimia are, like, SOOO passé. The hip new eating disorder among chic young things is "drunkorexia."

As you might already have deduced from the name, drunkorexia is when you eat little or nothing and drink lots and lots of alcohol. It's the natural outgrowth of the social pressures young women feel to (a) stay really, really, really thin and (b) go out every night and get really, really, really bombed. Couple that with the examples set by celebrity role models like Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan and - voila! - an epidemic of drunkorexia.

Both anorexia and binge drinking "are behaviors that are glorified and reinforced," Dr. Douglas Bunnell former president of the National Eating Disorders Association, told the New York Times. "Binge drinking is almost cool and hip, and losing weight and being thin is a cultural imperative for young women in America. Mixing both is not surprising, and it has reached a tipping point in terms of public awareness."

The Morning Show also did a piece on drunkorexia in which Sondra Kronberg of the eating disorders association estimated that 30% of young women aged 18 to 23 restrict their food intake so they can drink more without gaining weight.

Some see a humorous side to the whole phenomenon. "Lady M" on the BrewedFresh blog claims she's not a true drunkorexic because she doesn't restrict calories so she can drink more - "I just merely don't have time to put food in my mouth. I mean, picking up a fork means I have to put my glass down! And how can I fit food into my mouth when a straw is already in there? Essentially, eating just boils down to less time for drinking."

Yeah, that's a hoot. But go to the Mayo Clinic website and look up advanced cirrhosis - it's even funnier.

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