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Our mission is to build and strengthen community connections for individuals experiencing diversabilities and their families. Diversabilities cross cultural, ethnic, race, gender, socioeconomic and geographic boundaries; people experiencing diversabilities comprise the largest group of marginalized people on the planet. The goal and intention of Diversability Inc. programs and projects is to ensure that individuals with diversabilities are elevated to their potential and valued as citizens in our communities. Featured in this photo is Ryan who is a valued employee at Blockbuster, a role that has positively impacted other areas of his life!

Donations foster Diversability Inc.’s mission of providing individuals experiencing diversabilities with the resources and tools they need to reach their greatest potential. These programs are designed to promote independence, integration and inclusion. Your donation enables us to offer these programs to a broad range of people experiencing diversabilities.

$25 Allows a Sib to attend Sib Group
$100 Allows a Sib to attend Summer Sib Camp
$500 Supports inclusive programming
$1000 Supports development of a comprehensive online resource tool

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