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Divine Destiny


Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the New Year arrives during the bleakest coldest and oftentimes the most depressing time of the year. Christmas cheer can feel commercial and contrived. And even if you have the most beautiful holiday ever, the next day you start agonizing about how you are going to pay for it all. In a country that is fumbling with a languishing economy and saddled with leaders who seem to have absolutely no interest in anything except petty antics, it is easy to start losing hope - especially when the sun sets before you've arrived home from work.

But there is something about the prospect of a new year, a chance to wipe the slate clean. It begins with the excitement and anticipation of a brilliant party, an evening out when you never feel self-conscious, despite wearing your most sparkly and glittery outfit. It's a night when you kiss strangers on the lips. It doesn't matter how difficult your day was, because all you can see is the hope of the future.

It is a night filled with champagne and glee; it is spent with your friends - a refreshing break after the holidays spent with the in-laws. It is a night when lovers propose to one another and friends sing drunken versions of Auld Lang Syne. There are no costumes or props. It's just people enjoying one another for the last time that year- - wishing, thinking, and hoping for a brighter future. And for that, it might just be the most beautiful night of the year.

Divine Destiny

6 ounces of your favorite
sparkling rosé

With a cherry on top

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