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Do The Right Thing

We're not sure who penned this week's top letter, maybe Ms. Manners, but we can't help but agree. Perhaps once the election is over we


We're not sure who penned this week's top letter, maybe Ms. Manners, but we can't help but agree. Perhaps once the election is over we can restore some civility to society. Perhaps. In the meantime, don't forget to hold the door for the person behind you. You might even consider, gasp!, yielding to another driver.

Disease, war, Wall Street, the economy, is there any hope for change?

Without trivializing the current state of affairs, would you consider the possibility of another solution? Is there a way in which we could improve our daily lives?

I recently returned to my vehicle to discover some inconsiderate bastard has smashed into my car. Long gone, no note, hoping they were not seen. I called the police who were unable to help. What goes through my mind? I worked long and hard to be able to afford this car. I pay my insurance, which will pay for the damage, and my rates will probably go up. I can leave it damaged or pay it out of pocket. It is only a car, and no one was injured. In the big picture how serious is this?

It's just another day in the life of...just another hassle to deal with...

Which brings to mind, when did everyone become so self-involved? Why are bad manners allowed to run so rampant? When did this become okay? Is it because the people with good manners, showing good manners, do not point out that bad manners suck? Why are we not taking responsibility for our actions and conduct? Think about what you do. Show some respect for the rights and property of others. What if everyone just took the time to improve his or her manners? Would it hurt us to try? Do the right thing. Be polite. Life is worth it. Thank you.

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