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Don't Trust The Sky

Anyone else notice all the contrails in Central Oregon skies?



An open letter to whomever,

So whatever happened to our clear blue central Oregon skies?

Did everyone just give up on the idea of solar energy as an alternative energy? Someone please show me how local solar energy output, per square foot, has increased in the past five years.

Why does no one seem to care that the government is allowing geo-engineering atmospheric aerosol spraying to ruin our skies and environment? It's not a secret or conspiracy theory. Just look up, see those long white lines that turn into clouds...Use that search engine, find out for yourself.

Those ain't commercial jets or contrails. We are not all of the sudden a major commercial airline flight path.

Water vapor does NOT react that way, even if it is just a combustion byproduct. Or are you good with the "new" jet fuel that hazes out the sky?

If all the cars going down the road spewed vapor like that, what would you say, "Hey EPA, I think we have a problem?" Or something like, "Hey, it's not my problem. My kids can deal with it. I've got better things to care about than that annoying ball of light that rises in the east everyday. What harm could come from blocking sunlight, right? It really doesn't do much for us here on Earth."

High clouds do not equal a CLEAR day.

Come enjoy the new cloudy Bend where high-pressure systems now seem to mean more clouds.

- Schralper

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