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Don't Waste Beer: Make Soap Out of It

"This beer is so good, I wish I could bathe in it."



"This beer is so good, I wish I could bathe in it."

You may have actually heard someone on the barstool next to you say this. I know I have. Now, with the help of retired schoolteacher Leslie Colvin, those people can make good on that claim with LeCol's Soap Bars.

Colvin, who has been making soaps since she retired four years ago, met with the folks at Boneyard Beer and realized that she could use their brews in her soaps. Now, she has made soaps from the brewery's Girl Beer, Femme Fatale and Black 13 brews, and has them available for sale at Boneyard's midtown tasting room.

If you're thinking, "Jeez, I don't want to smell like beer," you really shouldn't worry. The soaps are full of other natural ingredients, like olive and coconut oils, shea butter, raspberry fiber and plenty of other items that will make you smell dandy. The beer is only used where water typically would be employed and the brew isn't just for novelty - it actually adds some beneficial qualities.

"Most are used to buying soap in the store that's pretty much detergents and harsh chemicals that you're putting on your skin," says Colvin, "The hops in the beer are supposed to be very moisturizing."

Colvin, doesn't just make beer soap - she also creates an array of other natural soaps that are available at Tres Jolie on Wall Street. But with some help from Boneyard, she is likely making some of the most distinctive cleaning products you'll find in town. Also, she's letting you indulge that lifelong fantasy to finally bathe in your favorite beers.

LeCol's soaps can be found at the Boneyard Beer tasting room at 37 Lake Ave. or by contacting her at

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