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Don't Give Criminals A Free Pass

This week's letter of the week comes from local business owner Christy Nickey whose store was recently burglarized. She reminds us to all be vigilant


This week's letter of the week comes from local business owner Christy Nickey whose store was recently burglarized. She reminds us to all be vigilant in policing our local neighborhoods to keep Central Oregon a safe place to live, work, and do business - a great thought as tough economic times tend to bring out the worst in some people. Thanks for the letter Christy, you can stop by to pick up your prize for this week's LOW, a pint glass from the Old Mill and a cold beverage to fill it.


My store was broken into last Friday night. Despite a decent amount of shattered glass, a kicked-in door and a most unpleasant phone call at 1:30 in the morning, the Cosmic Depot has survived unscathed, as happy and wonderful a place as it has ever been. My first reaction at the scene of the crime was sheer gratitude that not much was stolen; there was only a mess to clean up and no one was hurt. I love to make things pretty, so rising to the challenge was easy. Sometimes the world gives you lemons. I say make big, badass, beautiful security doors out of them. Don't get mad; get on with it.

What has happened to me is happening to small business owners and community members all over Central Oregon. Growing up here I remember it was not unusual for people to leave their keys in their unlocked cars in front of their unlocked homes. Well, things have changed folks. As amazing and incredible as C.O. is, we need to acknowledge the need for each of us to play a part in defeating crime in our community by being vigilant. It doesn't take much to watch out for friends and neighbors and notice what it is that is going on around you. Know your neighbors and if you see something not quite right, call it in. Keeping your eyes open and stepping outside for a walk around your neighborhood can make all of the difference in the world in preventing crime. Besides, it's nice to get a breath of fresh air and see the majesty of our area.

The thief who violated my business and kicked my dear, old building in the rear may have gotten away with a few pipes, but they didn't take away my faith and deep love for this community. I am humbled and thankful for all of the wonderful friends of the Depot who have come by to give us love. I feel you. Thank you with all of my heart. Learn from my lesson. Secure your valuables and have your neighbors' backs. When we as community members work together there is nothing we can't accomplish. Central Oregon is too important to all of us to do otherwise.

Deepest thanks,

Christy Nickey

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