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Doubling Down: Back to Back CD Release Parties at McMenamins

Two local favorite bands are having back to back CD release parties this week at McMenamins.



Hilst & Coffey
The Lonely Garage Sessions
July 11 7pm @ McMenamins
String duo Hilst & Coffey return with the release of The Lonely Garage Sessions. The irony in the title is that the new album feels like an old friend and who could ever be lonely with a friend around? (The album's name is actually the result of being recorded at Lonely Garage Studios)
The Lonely Garage Sessions opens with the instrumental song "The Blue in the Grey" and on it, Hilst's cello creates beautiful wordless vocals for the song. From there Garage Sessions bounces around from gritty folk on "Freerider" to whimsical storytelling on "Toys". Their CD release party should be a robust evening of meaningful folk music perfectly set in the rustic Father Luke's room.
The Mostest
Zara Dreams
July 12 @McMenamins
Mark Ransom is back with Bend collective the Mostest and is set to release the new album Zara Dreams this Thursday.
Zara Dreams is an album full of delightful folk music and hints of The Grateful Dead. Ransom's penchant for smiling from ear to ear during performances is communicated through the hopeful songs on Dreams and the all-star cast of local heavyweights Lindsey Elias on drums, Patrick Pearsall on bass guitar and Shireen Amini adding percussion and vocals backs each song with noticeably strong musicianship.

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