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Down the Doughnut Hole

A hole lot of doughnuts happening in Bend



To accompany our feature about Bend police, we took our own tour of duty to Bend's doughnut shops.

Luv's Donut (10 NW Minnesota). A new addition to downtown, Luv's seems a bit incomplete. The space is brightly lit and feels more like an half-empty going-out-of-business store at the mall than a new boutique shop. Asked if they carried filled doughnuts, the cashier explained, "not yet," with no further information. The maple glaze was the best of the lot—snappy. The old-fashion was a bit too stiff, dense and dry, and the chocolate was fine, with a generous fudgy glaze. $1/doughnut. 7 am – 4 pm.

Sweetheart Donuts (210 SE 3rd St.) A reincarnation of a former Sweetheart Donuts, this tidy and friendly shop was started by Danielle Levine. When we arrived late afternoon, her younger sister was working the counter and explained that their dad had taken her family to the former Sweetheart Donuts. When Danielle had a choice between buying a house or starting a business, she chose the later, remembering those family-bonding experiences and wanting to create that for others. That love is evident in the service and the vibe at the former Domino's Pizza outlet. These are premier and creative doughnuts, served with great friendliness. A so-called pretzel doughnut is a fun twist of plain and chocolate ribbons. The Bavarian cream was rich, filled with a subtle and delicious chocolate pudding. The apple fritters were crispy and yummy, finding that sweet spot between fluff and substance. 5:30 am–2 pm.

Glazed and Amused Doughnuts (67 NW Greenwood Ave.) This nocturnal food truck's concept looks a whole lot like another craft doughnut maker based in Portland (rhymes with Hoodoo Doughnuts), but Bend's own resident indulgence factory has its own clever menu of twisted Frankenstein doughnuts and savory-sweet hybrids. Eat this: "The Car Bomb" Guinness chocolate brownies, Baileys cream cheese, topped with a whiskey caramel drizzle and crushed toffee peanuts for a savory crunch on top of the sweet mountain of chocolate. Wed.-Sat. 6 pm-midnight.

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