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Download This App: Find My iPhone



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"Find My iPhone" will save your ass one day. Once downloaded (both on your iPhone and home iOS system—iPad, MacBook, etc.) Mac owners can use one to find the other. Last night, my clumsy buddy found out just how well the free app works. During a mid-ride break and after checking a message, he thought he slipped the phone back into his jersey pocket. Turns out he dropped it on the trail.

Short story: Dude loses iPhone on local trails at some point during his three hour mountain bike ride; dude uses my MacBook (he's a PC owner) to activate his phone's "Lost Mode,"; dude recognizes blinking blue light, representing his phone's location on a map, is on COD, near Century Dr.; dude tromps around woods, using my iPhone's map as a guide, and soon finds his phone laying in the trail—in tact and working fine.

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