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Dream Dishes: Big Ski’s Pierogi

Dumpling-style heaven


  • Chris Miller
Don’t know what a pierogi is? It looks like a dumpling, made with egg and flour dough. It’s traditionally filled with potatoes and cheese, poached in water, set to dry, then fried in a cast-iron skillet with butter and topped with sautéed onions and sour cream. A breakfast pierogi uses the same dough, but is filled with eggs and protein including sausage, bacon or ham.

A dish to dream about: What makes it a breakfast “dream dish” is the ooey-gooey egg, yolk spilling across the plate when you cut into it, and the bacon, sausage and ham like liquid food gold. Throw onions and sour cream on top and you’ve already made it to heaven. Going for lunch instead? Have a chef’s choice sample plate. You won’t know what you’re biting into, but it won’t matter. Each forkful is a culinary Fourth of July.

Price: You can get four breakfast pierogis for $8. For lunch, the sampler is six for $11.

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