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In honor of the Beer Issue, I've created my own curated list of what beers to drink when visiting some of Central Oregon's breweries. I've selected beers that are available on the regular, so there's no need for you to rush. Enjoy at your own pace! In other words, do not attempt to hit all of this up at once. It's about the delicious taste of craft beer, not the experiences that lead to cautionary tales...

Cheers to the diversity of local craft beer! - HEIDI HOWARD
  • Heidi Howard
  • Cheers to the diversity of local craft beer!

Bevel Craft Beer: Black Ace – This is an award-winning Cascadian Dark Ale. It's got the perfect balance of complexity and bitterness.

Boneyard Beer: Diablo Rojo – You thought I was going to say RPM, didn't you? Ha! Boneyard makes a mean red ale, that's for sure. It's smooth and lightly sweet. Yum.

Boss Rambler: BRO? BRAH! – Hop forward and straight forward damn good IPA. It's just the right amount of old school, with a sprinkle of sophistication. It smells fantastic, too.

CRUX Fermentation Project: Bubble Wrap – A delicious hazy IPA that CRUX cans, so you can take it home with you. This beer is aromatic and smooth drinking.

Kobold Brewing: 3rd Street Cred – A really tasty red that is basically Central Oregon in a beer glass. It smells like the woods and tastes like heaven!

Monkless Belgian Ales: Shepplekofeggan – You can just call it "Shep" when you order it. This is a "friendship" beer, and I thoroughly enjoyed it while visiting with my bestie!

Silver Moon: Mango Daze – This mango pale ale has a moderate ABV at 6%. It is my go-to for sure. I absolutely love the flavor profile of this beer. It is tropical goodness.

Spider City: Soleil Rubis – Slightly sour, and completely delicious. It's beautiful to look at too, just like our Central Oregon sunrises, which the beer was named after.

Sunriver Brewing: Cocoa Cow – If you love chocolate milk, drink this beer. It's smooth and full of chocolate flavor. It is lighter than you would expect for a dark beer, so don't be afraid of the dark!

Three Creeks Brewing: Knotty Blonde – Because it's a fun beer to order: "I'll have a knotty blonde, please." Heh heh. But seriously, this is a great go-to ale that won't weigh you down, but still has plenty of flavor.

Wild Ride: Nut Crusher – This is one of the best peanut butter beers I've had, hands down. It's so good, I remember exactly where I was the first time I had it (but not what I did afterward... remember when I mentioned those cautionary tales??)

Get out there and drink some craft beer, people! It's not going to drink itself! Cheers!

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