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Easy Day is Easy Drinking

Worthy gives us low buzz with big flavor



I will start by saying, I'm not a "low calorie, low ABV" kind of girl. I like my beers to be like my husband: strong! The beers I tried today have changed my mind though... about beer, not my husband (haha). Worthy Brewing provided two beers for review, both are low-calorie, hazy IPAs called Easy Day. One is tangerine and the other is grapefruit. I started with the Easy Day Hazy Tangerine IPA. Visually, it is a beautiful beer. It looks so juicy, just as a hazy should be. It reminds me of a mimosa or fresh tangerine juice. The aroma is delicately laced with tangerine and other fruity notes. The taste is so dang refreshing, bright and light, but also full of fruit flavor. It finishes with the slightest bitterness from the hops and tangerine. How is this only 97 calories?

The grapefruit is equally as tasty, both complex and delicate, but instead of tangerine notes on the nose and tongue, it is grapefruit. Guys, when you taste these beers, get a good mouthful and let it hit every part of your tongue (don't swish it though, that's gross). It's amazing how the beer wakes up and you get this bright juicy goodness on the sides of the back of your tongue, followed by a tang at the front and a whole mouth finish of the most delicate of dankness that I've ever had in a beer, and I've drank SO MANY beers in my time. The grapefruit has a bit more of a bitter finish due to the grapefruit juice as expected. The flavors in these beers are fan-freakin'-tastic!

Easy Day Hazy Grapefruit IPA from Worthy will tantalize your tastebuds. - PHOTO BY HEIDI HOWARD
  • Photo by Heidi Howard
  • Easy Day Hazy Grapefruit IPA from Worthy will tantalize your tastebuds.

Everything about these beers is subtle. It's perfect for camping, floating (I really love floating), BBQs, brunch... so perfect for brunch... game nights, parties, and basically anytime you want to drink a bunch of really good craft beer without hating life the next day. I rate these beers a solid 5 out of 5 on the drinkability scale because they have something for everyone. They're great beers for beginners because they are light and delicate on the palate in such a lovely way. Their complexity will entice all the beer geeks, and our waistlines will not rebel if we drink a few of them (or more).

Worthy provided an explanation card of sorts with the beers. The card reads in part "As fellow craft breweries lose their minds over whether to concoct artificially flavored hard, soft or truly lame seltzers, RTD 'cocktails' or other sugary-sweet malt beverages to meet a sudden demand, Worthy commits that we will stick to beer. Beer that's truly Worthy of your time and tastebuds. All while keeping it low calorie with huge flavor." Thanks, Worthy! I certainly plan on keeping these beers in my fridge!

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