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Eclipse: Yes, it was hectic.

But it was worth every second.


ere on the light side of the sun again, we can stop and reflect for a moment about what just happened. Some people got stuck in some traffic. An RV toppled over near Madras. A few cars broke down. Some restaurants may have over-prepared.

In the grand scheme of things, the apoc-ecliptic predictions for what could have happened over the eclipse weekend were largely overblown.

That's not a bad problem to have. If it's a reflection of an overprepared team of law enforcement and public safety officials in our community, that's something we should want. As we reported, the Oregon Department of Transportation executed what it's calling one of the largest "pre-emptive deployment exercises" it's ever undergone in order to keep people informed on the roads, and like them, we're happy with what came out of it. Had they not "over-prepared," it might really have taken 12 hours to get from Bend to Madras.


e'd far rather have over-preparedness over total chaos—and especially when the scenario involves hoards of people who don't know the area or the emergency mechanisms in place around them. In short, anyone who decried the fact that the media or public safety officials were "overdoing it" in terms of their messaging is wrong, because that preparation meant that on this side of the Big Event, we're all largely intact.

Our community—and yes, much of our state and much of the nation, just went through a collective experience that could have brought much chaos, immense trial and even peril. But it didn't.

And let's remember that Mother Nature also just put on one dang fine show. The traffic, the preparations, the stocking up... they were all a prelude to an event that many of us may never see again in our lives. In other words, the hoopla was 100 percent worth it. Whether you saw one minute of totality or the full two and a half, it was worth every second.

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