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Editor's Note: In this week's issue, fashion! And new staff.


Perhaps because I always wished I were blessed with musical skills rather than writing abilities, I consider that the crew which puts together a newspaper is something like a band, with each person adding to the melody and voice of the paper. Yes, there are the front persons, like Bri Brey who consistently turns in her wonderfully readable stories about culture and music, and reporters like Erin Rook, who kicked up his jams this week to get to the bottom of why the City of Bend pulled the lease from Crows’ Feet Commons downtown plaza. But every bit as essential as these front voices to the paper is the rhythm band that provides the structure and teamwork to put out a paper each week. 
Last Friday, our long-time Production Manager, Jen Hornstein, who has been responsible for the fun and funny covers, and whom we adore for her calmness in the middle of “press day” storms, fell in love with a man from St Louis and is leaving for the Midwest. Yes, a change in staff can change the tune.
But we are thrilled to welcome Jessie Czopek, who recently relocated from Colorado. It is particularly exciting for us to find to someone of the Millennial Generation who is emphatically excited about print media! We made Jessie jump in with both feet as this is our annual Fashion Issue. What I particularly like about this year’s Fashion Issue is how recognizable the spots are—at Drake Park, at Noi Restaurant—and a big reason for that is that it was locally-produced by local designer N. Spekktor.
Yes, we are adding new voices to the mix. We hope you enjoy the fresh, new tunes.

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