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Editor's Note: In this week's issue


As the population in Central Oregon continues a steady march upwards and with visual reminders all over town—like the housing projects popping up along the southern reaches of town—there has been a certain amount of chatter over whether growth is good. Part of that discussion is, of course, that growth brings change and competition—competition for parking space downtown, competition for the space at the roundabout, and competition for a table at your favorite restaurant. On the institutional level, it is also bringing the possibility of competition for Central Oregon Community College (COCC), which will face increased competition from the OSU - Cascade four year campus
In this week’s issue, Erin Rook looks at COCC’s silver anniversary at its current location—and, in doing so, gives some insights into what the next five years, let alone the next 25, could mean for COCC.
With the increased crowdedness in Bend, our jobs here at the newspaper become both more difficult and more interesting. On Wednesday mornings, for example, our editorial team sits down and picks its 10 “Picks” for your week—a job that has become increasingly difficult. Like, this week, we had more than a dozen bands to slot into four remaining spots. And it is not even yet the busy summer season, with near-nightly outdoor concerts.
But before I sound off like a grumpy old man (my 46th birthday is next week, after all), I remind myself that in the 1940s, downtown Bend boasted four different venues, and that the Tower was a relative newcomer. Nah, busy isn’t bad, and the newcomer may someday be the old-timer.
Roll with it, Bend. 

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