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Editor's Note: This week's issue


On the surface, Central Oregon is as normal as apple pie. About the biggest oddities are people’s very detailed obsessions with their sports and health. But this week we tapped a bit beneath that normal-seeming surface and found a few oddities—most in the form of roadside attractions. It was a fun week for us, looking for the most peculiar that the region offers (and the most impressive, in terms of a list of World Records set here).

Also, in looking for the odd, we found some of the most sincere—from farmers keeping exotic animals to rescue them from circuses, to the iconic Fun Farm, that is more than a collection of site-specific art work, but a physical expression about one man’s inner emotional life. That story, written by Erin Rook, is part of our special “Believe It or Not” feature.

Also, all good things must end: This week we say good-bye to our summer intern. For any Millennial Generation bashing you have done—that they are smug or righteous, we offer you Lucy Ausman as our counter-argument. For the past two months, the Sisters resident (and Smith College sophomore) has been our cheerful intern. She has penned several articles for us, and helped write our Go Here column all summer long—and, throughout, asked for criticism and diligently improved her reporting and writing skills throughout the summer. Good luck, Lucy! And thank you.

Next Week: The Dog Days of Summer issue (yes, an issue for the dogs!) 

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