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Editor's Note

It's Summer!



Recently, I traveled across the country to visit my parents - the first time I had seen them in well over a year. What a sweet sensation to hug them again and feel secure that our time away from each other was over. The pandemic has taken a toll on so many people, from missing a milestone anniversary to the birth of new baby or for some, even having to say goodbye to a loved one without proper closure.

The real challenge in the upcoming months, though, is working to re-establish close ties with loved ones, rejecting any complacency that has set in. Families need each other. We all benefit from the exchange of ideas and laughs, hugs and tears.

  • Darris Hurst

Once again, I am in awe of our writers who never seem to run out of engaging ideas. This Feature, Nicole Blume shares an inspiring story about the organization, Freedom for Great Apes, which as the name suggests, is a sanctuary for chimpanzees, located right here in Central Oregon. Leaders there have taken the initiative to do the right thing for these amazing animals.

Another fascinating local group sharing their talents in our community is a trio who came together to "Loot the Deschutes." On any given day, they are diving for lost treasures, returning items to their owners, while, simultaneously, cleaning up the trash left behind. See Trending for more and some cool photos!

Is it time for a play date yet? As you begin to reach out to other families to set up something for your child, you may have questions about the etiquette of this new era. In Parenting, Annette Benedetti offers tips for keeping things light as you navigate the rules.

Speaking of getting kids together, check out our Summer Camps guide for all the current offerings in our community. Word to the wise – sign up early as camps fill quickly!

Out and about at one of our local parks, you may have noticed kids tossing discs into baskets. Welcome to the world of Disc Golf! For a breakdown of the rules and how to get your family involved, read Outdoors.

And, it just wouldn't be summer without the smoky aroma of...THE GRILL. Families and friends tend to gather around this iconic summer symbol, but did you know there are health benefits to grilling? See Family Time for tips and a recipe.

Wishing you a summer of connection, laughter and maximum fun!

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