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Building Community



  • Darris Hurst
As the frenzied days of summer wane, a welcomed hush settles over our bursting, bubbling town. With fewer visitors in the mountains and temperatures dropping a bit, fall is the perfect time to slip away and enjoy the outdoors with the family. If it's fall color you're craving, though, you may want to head south where deciduous trees take the place of evergreens. Joshua Savage shares one such family adventure to Ashland in Outdoors.

Fall festivals are back this year! So, if you missed your favorites in 2020 due to the pandemic, you'll be happy to see the classics as well as a few new ones on the schedule. Harvest time and pumpkins are just around the corner. Check out our picks in Culture.

As we all know, with the changing season, comes the return to routine and a strong focus on education. Bend-La Pine Schools welcomes a new superintendent this year – Dr. Steve Cook. With a priority on building community, Dr. Cook has already hit the ground running addressing important issues through weekly pod casts and community engagement meetings over the summer. Elizabeth Warnimont shares a candid interview with Dr. Cook in Feature.

Speaking of education, it's never too early to start looking for a preschool. With waiting lists a mile long in this town, a word to the wise: begin the process shortly after you give birth (not kidding!) Annette Benedetti sheds light on the subject in Education.

Another important topic in our Education section this issue, is the new Senate bill which institutes a mandatory civics class for all high school students. Nicole Blume explains why understanding how our government works is a win-win for all. You may be surprised by what your teen can teach you on the subject.

In Family Time, Donna Britt, has some fantastic menu ideas and tips for packing school lunches – get the kids involved!

If your son or daughter or someone you love has recently identified as non-binary, you may be a bit shell-shocked. In her article, "Love Wins," in Health, Annette Benedetti illuminates the subject, offering helpful wisdom for navigating the way.

We wish you all the best for a beautiful fall season!

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