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Eggs 8 Ways: A Basic Steamed Egg

Shelling that quick breakfast as quick as possible with the Instant Pot



Around the office, I'm known as the "egg eater," found every day around 10 am, shelling a hard-boiled egg in the workplace kitchen. It's a handy go-to breakfast for busy office workers, students on the go or hard-grinding outdoors enthusiasts alike—easy to make, easy to store and packed with goodness. But if you have access to ultra-fresh eggs, then you know how tough it can be to wrest the shells from the inner goodness.

Dousing hard-boiled eggs in cold water right after cooking is supposed to be the best way to get the shell off easily—that is, until the advent of the Instant Pot. Recently, a fellow morning egg-eater raved about using her Instant Pot to cook eggs. It takes roughly the same time as hard-boiling, give or take a few minutes, but with the Instant Pot, the eggs are steamed, not boiled, meaning it's far easier to remove the shells. As in, melt-off-the-shell easy. Since you can cook up to eight eggs in the average Instant Pot, there's plenty to prep for a busy week ahead... while still reserving some time throughout the week to check out one of the fine establishments mentioned in this guide, of course.

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