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Election Night Mix Tape

Election Day is a strangely stressful time for some yet perhaps a relieving moment for others who would just as soon put their hand in


Election Day is a strangely stressful time for some yet perhaps a relieving moment for others who would just as soon put their hand in a waffle iron rather than watch another nasty TV attack ad. Depending on your views, tomorrow night is either going to be a time to pour a celebratory glass of champagne or an emotion-numbing goblet of bourbon to prepare you for the next few years of the political landscape.

Here at the Blender, we don't take a partisan stance. OK, we do. Actually we totally do, pretty much all the time...isn't that the point of having a blog? But hey, all politics aside (not really) we'd like to set you up with an Election Day Play List to get you through the day and the night.

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" - Stevie Wonder: This one is a pretty easy choice for the Obamanians-it's the track played at the conclusion of every Obama rally. Play it in the background as you call your neo-conservative cousin in Idaho, you know, just to rub it in.

"Bushleaguer" - Pearl Jam: Hey, either way, at least this guy's out of here.

"Stranger than Fiction" - Bad Religion: If things get weird and McCain pulls a mavericky upset, this punk anthem should be a good theme song for Matt Damon's nightmare Sarah Palin Disney movie come to life.

"The Weight" - The Band: What does this have to do with politics? Nothing really. It's just got a nice apocalyptic ring to it that should go well with an Obama loss.

"Take Your Mama" - The Scissor Sisters: Again, this has nothing to do with politics, but it's probably the happiest song I know and good for cutting loose as you try to kiss Wolf Blitzer through the TV screen.

"Can't Buy Me Love" - The Beatles: Great if the community funded Bend City Council candidates prevail against the special interest fat wallet candidates.

"It's the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)" - REM: If you're a devoted FOXNews fan, this is probably how you'll feel if Obama is elected. But hey, just like the song, you'll feel fine eventually, that is once you realize that no one is coming to take your gun away or make you shave your mustache.

"Bang the Drum All Day" - Todd Rundgren: This is the one with the chorus: "I don't wanna work..." Perfect to cheer on Chuck Burley's next term of missing even more votes in the state house.

"The Times They are a Changin'" - Bob Dylan: OK, OK, this is pretty corny. But after a few years of hearing about change, now you can sing about it...hopefully.

"The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" - Weezer: Play this while contemplating how Gordon Smith lost his US Senate seat.

"Don't Believe the Hype" - Public Enemy: Again this one's for the red dogs in the house looking to dissuade youthful Obama Hopers. Maybe you can play this catchy hip-hop number outside of the county clerk's office in a last ditch effort? You gotta try something, right?

"We Are the Champions" - Queen: Horribly cliché? Yes. But will it seem cliché at 1am as you sway back and forth in front of the Obama office with your freshly bought Obama '08 T-shirt as you pretend you're one of the hardworking volunteers you're singing along with? Nope.

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