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Farewell, Kimbo


There's plenty to catch up on in the sports world. Baseball playoffs are in full swing (no pun intended) with Boston securing the final spot in the championship series on Monday night with an extra innings win over Anaheim, most NFL teams are nearly a third of a way through the season, the NHL officially starts domestic play on Thursday night and the NBA preseason is just getting underway. But that's not what Left Field is tuned into this week. No our attention was fixed on the world of mixed martial arts (i.e. ultimate, i.e. cage) fighting where former street fighter, porn industry body guard and Internet sensation Kimbo Slice was cut down just 14 seconds into a match with a stand-in fighter on network television.

For the uninitiated, Kimbo is possibly the most freakish and freakishly hyped fighter in any ring since Mike Tyson and the cornerstone of a television deal between the fledgling Elite XC and CBS. Kimbo who had been criticized by fighters and fans alike as an unpolished street fighter (which he was) had narrowly escaped in his earlier fights with other sub-par fighters. But Kimbo, much like Tyson in his ear-biting phase, still had his true believers. But even those are few and far between after stand-in fighter Seth Petruzzeli TKO'd Kimbo just seconds into the first round. Petruzzeli said later that he was given money by the fight's promoters to "stand and trade" with Kimbo rather than try to force the fight to the mat, which was seen as his weakness.

Petruzelli said he was trying to stick to the game plan when he connected with a right hand to Kimbo's jaw, dropping the previously undefeated fighter to the mat where Petruzelli proceeded to pummel him.

Left Field doesn't know if Kimbo's career is over, but we think it's safe to say he probably won't be back on the next David Blaine special.

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